Austin Corn Lovers Festival (Night One)
Austin Corn Lovers Festival (Night One)
The Lost Well (Austin, TX)
Friday, September 30, 2016
8:00PM - 2:00AM



The Lost Well
2421 Webberville Rd.
Austin, TX 78702


This Friday night ACLF kick-off show promises to be one to remember as "The Monsters of Costume Rock", a lineup chock-full of nuts and musicians whose parents wouldn't let them play with dolls, take the stage at The Lost Well. Extra backstage security has been secured as no doubt some fights are going to break out between band members jockeying for mirror space and makeup containers. Come witness the horror...the rocky horror.

Described by Laurie Gallardo of KUTX thusly: "a distinctive, outrageous blend of rock, glam and cabaret fabulousness that would make Minnelli proud. Just kick up the rock 'n' roll theatrics and glam flair an extra notch. It's as if Dr. Frank N. Furter possessed the show, hijacked the mothership, and hightailed it back to transsexual Transylvania with light speed fueled by T Rex, New York Dolls, and a dash of Queen's soul fire."

The Upper Crust
Without a doubt The Upper Crust is one of this year's most anticipated acts. The boys from Beantown never disappoint with impeccable schtick and flawless licks. For those who like their rocque hard and funny.

The Grannies
Hailing from the other side of the map come The Grannies. Well-schooled in cross-dressing at The Milton Berle Institute of Transvestism, "The Hardest Working Ladymen in Show Business" lay down furious, grungy punk 35-minute sets that leave audiences with no doubt that there are some big balls lurking under their skirts.

Pocket FishRmen
These perennial Austin and Corn Lovers favorites are celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year and allegedly have a triple LP "best of" in the works. Their erudite yet deviant brand of rawk is Sci-fi meets metal meets punk meets glam at an oncologists conference.

The Swishbucklers
From New Orleans by way of Ibiza and Fire Island come the world's greatest gay pirate band, The Swishbucklers. Shanghai Slim and company "cruise" upriver looking for fresh conscripts in a rare appearance that promises trashy garage fun.

The Shut Ups
Austin's The Shut-Ups play unscripted 23-minute sets that wreak havoc and leave ears bleeding. Sure to clear the faint of heart and make more room for those who are ready to rock.


7th Annual Austin Corn Lovers Fiesta (Schedule, Line-up, and Venues)


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