The Chad Holt Sells Out To Reality TV / “All My Shit” Record Release BBQ/Crawfish Boil
Reposa’s House (Austin, TX)
Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Chad Holt "All My Shit" (featuring music by Wonderbred) Record Release Party

From Chad Holt:

Sorry such short notice folks, but such is the secretive nature of Hollywood. I'll be officially releasing the All My Shit album and Adam Reposa/The Network are footing the bill! That means 2 kegs, 2 bottles of every liquor, 50 lbs. of crawfish, 40 lbs. of chicken, 2 briskets and all kinds of other shit. Scorpio Rising is playing at 8pm and yes, I'm looking for more entertainers who want a shot at the big time. Drunk Drivers of Texas will be up and running, so you'll be able to contact Meshbane for sober rides.



Reposa’s House
4607 Broadhill
Austin, TX 78723