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July 26–29, 2012 :: Alpine & Marfa, TX

Name Hometown Video Web Like 'Em?
Amanda Shires Nashville, TN Amanda Shires Shines in Stark “Sloe Gin” Amanda Shires Home Page Amanda Shires on Facebook Amanda Shires on Twitter Amanda Shires on YouTube Amanda Shires on MySpace Amanda Shires on Reverbnation Amanda Shires on Tumblr
Ashley Monical San Marcos, TX Ashley Monical Home Page Ashley Monical on Facebook Ashley Monical on Twitter Ashley Monical on Reverbnation
Bob Schneider Austin, TX Bob Schneider Sings About “Lorena” on StageIt Bob Schneider Home Page Bob Schneider on Facebook Bob Schneider on Twitter Bob Schneider on YouTube Bob Schneider on MySpace Bob Schneider on Reverbnation Bob Schneider on LastFM Bob Schneider on CD Baby Bob Schneider on iTunes Bob Schneider on eMusic Bob Schneider on Amazon
Bonnie Bishop Houston, TX Bonnie Bishop Home Page Bonnie Bishop on Facebook Bonnie Bishop on Twitter Bonnie Bishop on YouTube Bonnie Bishop on MySpace Bonnie Bishop on LastFM Bonnie Bishop on iTunes Bonnie Bishop on eMusic Bonnie Bishop on Amazon
Brennen Leigh Austin, TX Brennen Leigh’s “Distracted” in San Diego Brennen Leigh Home Page Brennen Leigh on Facebook Brennen Leigh on Twitter Brennen Leigh on YouTube Brennen Leigh on MySpace Brennen Leigh on Reverbnation Brennen Leigh on Sonicbids Brennen Leigh on LastFM Brennen Leigh on iTunes Brennen Leigh on eMusic Brennen Leigh on Amazon
Christa Russell Fort Worth, TX Christa Russell Home Page Christa Russell on Facebook Christa Russell on Twitter Christa Russell on MySpace Christa Russell on Reverbnation Christa Russell on iTunes
Colin Gilmore Austin, TX Colin Gilmore Sings “The You That I Knew” on Music Fog’s Stage at Threadgills During SXSW 2011 Colin Gilmore Home Page Colin Gilmore on Facebook Colin Gilmore on Twitter Colin Gilmore on MySpace Colin Gilmore on Reverbnation Colin Gilmore on Sonicbids Colin Gilmore on LastFM Colin Gilmore on CD Baby Colin Gilmore on iTunes Colin Gilmore on eMusic Colin Gilmore on Amazon
Dale Watson Austin, TX Dale Watson Home Page Dale Watson on Facebook Dale Watson on Twitter Dale Watson on MySpace Dale Watson on Reverbnation Dale Watson on Sonicbids Dale Watson on LastFM Dale Watson on CD Baby Dale Watson on iTunes Dale Watson on eMusic Dale Watson on Amazon
Doodlin’ Hogwallops Alpine, TX Doodlin’ Hogwallops on Facebook Doodlin’ Hogwallops on Twitter Doodlin’ Hogwallops on MySpace Doodlin’ Hogwallops on Reverbnation
Doug Moreland Manchaca, TX Doug Moreland Home Page Doug Moreland on Facebook Doug Moreland on YouTube Doug Moreland on MySpace Doug Moreland on Reverbnation Doug Moreland on Sonicbids Doug Moreland on LastFM Doug Moreland on iTunes Doug Moreland on eMusic Doug Moreland on Amazon
Drew Kennedy New Braunfels, TX Drew Kennedy Transports Us To “Venice Via Postcard” Drew Kennedy Home Page Drew Kennedy on Facebook Drew Kennedy on Twitter Drew Kennedy on CD Baby Drew Kennedy on iTunes
El Tule Cedar Park, TX El Tule Home Page El Tule on Facebook El Tule on Twitter El Tule on YouTube El Tule on MySpace El Tule on Sonicbids
Folk Family Revival Magnolia, TX Folk Family Revival Home Page Folk Family Revival on Facebook Folk Family Revival on Twitter Folk Family Revival on YouTube Folk Family Revival on Reverbnation Folk Family Revival on Soundcloud Folk Family Revival on Sonicbids Folk Family Revival on LastFM Folk Family Revival on bandcamp Folk Family Revival on CD Baby Folk Family Revival on iTunes Folk Family Revival on eMusic Folk Family Revival on Amazon
Gary Newcomb Trio Austin, TX Gary Newcomb Trio Home Page Gary Newcomb Trio on Facebook Gary Newcomb Trio on MySpace Gary Newcomb Trio on Reverbnation
Ghosts Along The Brazos Austin, TX Ghosts Along The Brazos Home Page Ghosts Along The Brazos on Facebook Ghosts Along The Brazos on Twitter Ghosts Along The Brazos on MySpace Ghosts Along The Brazos on Reverbnation Ghosts Along The Brazos on Sonicbids
Graham Wilkinson Austin, TX Graham Wilkinson Home Page Graham Wilkinson on Facebook Graham Wilkinson on Twitter Graham Wilkinson on YouTube Graham Wilkinson on Vimeo Graham Wilkinson on MySpace Graham Wilkinson on Reverbnation Graham Wilkinson on Sonicbids Graham Wilkinson on LastFM Graham Wilkinson on CD Baby Graham Wilkinson on iTunes Graham Wilkinson on eMusic Graham Wilkinson on Amazon
Guy Forsyth Austin, TX Guy Forsyth Home Page Guy Forsyth on Facebook Guy Forsyth on Twitter Guy Forsyth on MySpace Guy Forsyth on LastFM Guy Forsyth on iTunes Guy Forsyth on Amazon
Hickoids San Antonio, TX Hickoids Rock Their Fan-Fave Medley “Back In The Truck / Donkey Lady” Hickoids Home Page Hickoids on Facebook Hickoids on Twitter Hickoids on MySpace Hickoids on Reverbnation Hickoids on iTunes Hickoids on Amazon
Jay Boy Adams & The Roadhouse Scholars Colorado City, TX Jay Boy Adams & The Roadhouse Scholars Home Page Jay Boy Adams & The Roadhouse Scholars on Facebook Jay Boy Adams & The Roadhouse Scholars on MySpace Jay Boy Adams & The Roadhouse Scholars on LastFM Jay Boy Adams & The Roadhouse Scholars on iTunes Jay Boy Adams & The Roadhouse Scholars on eMusic Jay Boy Adams & The Roadhouse Scholars on Amazon
Jon Hogan String Band Austin, TX Jon Hogan String Band Home Page Jon Hogan String Band on Facebook Jon Hogan String Band on YouTube Jon Hogan String Band on Reverbnation Jon Hogan String Band on CD Baby
Josh Abbott Band Lubbock, TX Josh Abbott Band’s “Touch” Video, a Tribute to the Military Josh Abbott Band Home Page Josh Abbott Band on Facebook Josh Abbott Band on Twitter Josh Abbott Band on YouTube Josh Abbott Band on MySpace Josh Abbott Band on Reverbnation Josh Abbott Band on LastFM Josh Abbott Band on CD Baby Josh Abbott Band on iTunes Josh Abbott Band on Amazon
Leo Rondeau Austin, TX Leo Rondeau Home Page Leo Rondeau on Facebook Leo Rondeau on Twitter Leo Rondeau on YouTube Leo Rondeau on LastFM Leo Rondeau on iTunes Leo Rondeau on eMusic
Luke Olson San Antonio, TX Luke Olson Home Page Luke Olson on Facebook Luke Olson on YouTube Luke Olson on MySpace Luke Olson on LastFM Luke Olson on iTunes Luke Olson on eMusic Luke Olson on Amazon
Matt Skinner Alpine, TX Matt Skinner Home Page Matt Skinner on Facebook Matt Skinner on Twitter Matt Skinner on MySpace
Matt the Electrician Austin, TX Matt the Electrician and Scrappy Jud Newcomb Present Journey’s “Faithfully” Matt the Electrician Home Page Matt the Electrician on Facebook Matt the Electrician on Twitter Matt the Electrician on Vimeo Matt the Electrician on MySpace Matt the Electrician on Sonicbids Matt the Electrician on LastFM Matt the Electrician on CD Baby Matt the Electrician on iTunes Matt the Electrician on eMusic Matt the Electrician on Amazon
Mike and the Moonpies Austin, TX Mike and the Moonpies are Spreading their “Glory” All Over Central Texas Mike and the Moonpies Home Page Mike and the Moonpies on Facebook Mike and the Moonpies on Twitter Mike and the Moonpies on YouTube Mike and the Moonpies on MySpace Mike and the Moonpies on Reverbnation Mike and the Moonpies on LastFM Mike and the Moonpies on bandcamp Mike and the Moonpies on CD Baby Mike and the Moonpies on iTunes Mike and the Moonpies on eMusic Mike and the Moonpies on Amazon
Mike Kelly Ruidoso, NM Mike Kelly Home Page Mike Kelly on Facebook Mike Kelly on Twitter Mike Kelly on MySpace Mike Kelly on Reverbnation Mike Kelly on LastFM Mike Kelly on iTunes
Mingo Fishtrap Austin, TX Mingo Fishtrap Home Page Mingo Fishtrap on Facebook Mingo Fishtrap on Twitter Mingo Fishtrap on YouTube Mingo Fishtrap on Vimeo Mingo Fishtrap on MySpace Mingo Fishtrap on Reverbnation Mingo Fishtrap on Sonicbids Mingo Fishtrap on LastFM Mingo Fishtrap on CD Baby Mingo Fishtrap on iTunes Mingo Fishtrap on eMusic Mingo Fishtrap on Amazon
Miss Julia & the Cruzers Austin, TX Miss Julia & the Cruzers on Facebook Miss Julia & the Cruzers on MySpace Miss Julia & the Cruzers on Sonicbids
Morry Sochat and the Special 20s Chicago, IL Morry Sochat and the Special 20s Home Page
Owen Temple Austin, TX Owen Temple Home Page Owen Temple on Facebook Owen Temple on Twitter Owen Temple on YouTube Owen Temple on MySpace Owen Temple on Reverbnation Owen Temple on LastFM Owen Temple on bandcamp Owen Temple on iTunes Owen Temple on eMusic Owen Temple on Amazon
Patrice Pike Austin, TX Patrice Pike Home Page Patrice Pike on Facebook Patrice Pike on Twitter Patrice Pike on YouTube Patrice Pike on MySpace Patrice Pike on LinkedIn Patrice Pike on LastFM Patrice Pike on CD Baby Patrice Pike on iTunes Patrice Pike on eMusic Patrice Pike on Amazon
Philip Q. Morrow Austin, TX A Montage of Philip Q. Morrow at Southern Thread’s Artist Showcase at The Parish in June 2011 Philip Q. Morrow on Facebook Philip Q. Morrow on Twitter Philip Q. Morrow on YouTube Philip Q. Morrow on MySpace Philip Q. Morrow on Reverbnation Philip Q. Morrow on Sonicbids Philip Q. Morrow on CD Baby Philip Q. Morrow on iTunes Philip Q. Morrow on Amazon
Sam Sliva and the Good Austin, TX Sam Sliva and the Good Home Page Sam Sliva and the Good on Facebook Sam Sliva and the Good on Twitter Sam Sliva and the Good on YouTube Sam Sliva and the Good on MySpace Sam Sliva and the Good on Soundcloud Sam Sliva and the Good on iTunes Sam Sliva and the Good on eMusic Sam Sliva and the Good on Amazon
Scrappy Jud Newcomb Austin, TX Scrappy Jud Newcomb on Facebook Scrappy Jud Newcomb on Twitter Scrappy Jud Newcomb on MySpace Scrappy Jud Newcomb on LastFM Scrappy Jud Newcomb on iTunes Scrappy Jud Newcomb on Amazon
Seryn Denton, TX Seryn Releases a Great Album at Good Records Seryn on Facebook Seryn on Twitter Seryn on MySpace Seryn on bandcamp Seryn on iTunes
Sideshow Tramps Montrose, TX Sideshow Tramps Home Page Sideshow Tramps on Facebook Sideshow Tramps on Twitter Sideshow Tramps on MySpace Sideshow Tramps on Reverbnation Sideshow Tramps on iTunes Sideshow Tramps on eMusic Sideshow Tramps on Amazon
Sons of Fathers Austin, TX Sons of Fathers Home Page Sons of Fathers on Facebook Sons of Fathers on Twitter Sons of Fathers on YouTube Sons of Fathers on Reverbnation Sons of Fathers on iTunes
Soul Track Mind Austin, TX Soul Track Mind Home Page Soul Track Mind on Facebook Soul Track Mind on Twitter Soul Track Mind on MySpace Soul Track Mind on Reverbnation Soul Track Mind on Tumblr
Terri Hendrix Austin, TX Terri Hendrix Home Page Terri Hendrix on Twitter Terri Hendrix on YouTube Terri Hendrix on MySpace Terri Hendrix on Reverbnation Terri Hendrix on LastFM Terri Hendrix on bandcamp Terri Hendrix on CD Baby Terri Hendrix on iTunes Terri Hendrix on eMusic Terri Hendrix on Amazon
Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars Pony, MT Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars Home Page Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars on Facebook Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars on Twitter Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars on MySpace Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars on Reverbnation Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars on iTunes Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars on Amazon
Texas Tornados San Antonio, TX Texas Tornados Home Page Texas Tornados on Facebook Texas Tornados on Twitter Texas Tornados on YouTube Texas Tornados on MySpace Texas Tornados on Reverbnation Texas Tornados on LastFM Texas Tornados on iTunes Texas Tornados on eMusic Texas Tornados on Amazon
Texas Tycoons Austin, TX Texas Tycoons on Facebook
The Border Blasters Fort Davis, TX The Border Blasters Charm and Entertain with “Midnight in Ojinaga” and More at KRTS in Marfa The Border Blasters Home Page The Border Blasters on Facebook The Border Blasters on Twitter The Border Blasters on MySpace
The Lonesome Heroes Austin, TX The Lonesome Heroes Sing “Steel” in an Undisclosed Location Off Highway 287 The Lonesome Heroes Home Page The Lonesome Heroes on Facebook The Lonesome Heroes on Twitter The Lonesome Heroes on YouTube The Lonesome Heroes on MySpace
The O’s Dallas, TX The O’s Home Page The O’s on Facebook The O’s on Twitter The O’s on YouTube The O’s on MySpace The O’s on Reverbnation The O’s on Tumblr
Trevor Hickle Terlingua, TX Trevor Hickle Home Page Trevor Hickle on Facebook Trevor Hickle on MySpace
Uncle Lucius Austin, TX Uncle Lucius Tells a Refinery Family’s Tough Story with “Keep The Wolves Away” Uncle Lucius Home Page Uncle Lucius on Facebook Uncle Lucius on Twitter Uncle Lucius on MySpace Uncle Lucius on Reverbnation Uncle Lucius on Sonicbids Uncle Lucius on iTunes Uncle Lucius on Amazon
Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros Austin, TX Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros Home Page Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros on Facebook Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros on Twitter
Whiskey Shivers Austin, TX Whiskey Shivers Home Page
Wildflowers Austin, TX Wildflowers on Twitter Wildflowers on Reverbnation
Woodsboss Austin, TX Woodsboss on Facebook Woodsboss on MySpace

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