2nd Annual DaveFest

January 13–January 14, 2017 :: Austin, TX

All Dave. All The Time.

The 2nd Annual DaveFest is a fundraising event benefitting DaveTV.org. As most of you know, Dave Prewitt is an incredibly important and beloved fixture in the Austin music scene, documenting local bands' live performances for artistic credit only. This is our chance, as a community, to help him help us. These two night of stellar bands are for your enjoyment and to gather all the funds you care to donate to help Dave continue to support local bands.

Name Contact Web
Kick Butt Coffee 5775 Airport Blvd.
Austin, TX
Kick Butt Coffee Home Page Kick Butt Coffee on Facebook Kick Butt Coffee on Twitter Kick Butt Coffee on Instagram Kick Butt Coffee on YouTube Kick Butt Coffee on do512 Kick Butt Coffee on Yelp
Name Hometown Web Video
Agony Column Austin, TX Agony Column Home Page Agony Column on Facebook Agony Column on Reverbnation Agony Column on CD Baby Agony Column on iTunes Agony Column on Amazon
Burn Ban Austin, TX Burn Ban Home Page Burn Ban on Facebook Burn Ban on Twitter Burn Ban on YouTube Burn Ban on Reverbnation Burn Ban on bandcamp
Chasing After Alice Austin, TX Chasing After Alice on Facebook Chasing After Alice on Twitter Chasing After Alice on Instagram Chasing After Alice on YouTube Chasing After Alice on Soundcloud
Days N Daze Houston, TX Days N Daze Home Page Days N Daze on Facebook Days N Daze on Twitter Days N Daze on Instagram Days N Daze on YouTube Days N Daze on Reverbnation Days N Daze on Tumblr Days N Daze on bandcamp
Elixir Austin, TX Elixir on Facebook
Izzy Cox and the Ghosts Austin, TX Izzy Cox and the Ghosts on Facebook Izzy Cox and the Ghosts on Twitter Izzy Cox and the Ghosts on Instagram Izzy Cox and the Ghosts on Reverbnation
Killa MAUL Austin, TX Killa MAUL on Facebook
Leather Leaf Round Rock, TX Leather Leaf Home Page Leather Leaf on Facebook Leather Leaf on Twitter Leather Leaf on Instagram Leather Leaf on YouTube Leather Leaf on Reverbnation
Pocket FishRmen Austin, TX Pocket FishRmen Home Page Pocket FishRmen on Facebook Pocket FishRmen on MySpace Pocket FishRmen on Reverbnation Pocket FishRmen on LastFM Pocket FishRmen on CD Baby Pocket FishRmen on Amazon
Scorpio Rising Austin, TX Scorpio Rising Home Page Scorpio Rising on Facebook Scorpio Rising on Twitter Scorpio Rising on Instagram Scorpio Rising on YouTube Scorpio Rising on MySpace Scorpio Rising on Reverbnation Scorpio Rising on Sonicbids Scorpio Rising on CD Baby Scorpio Rising on iTunes Scorpio Rising on eMusic Scorpio Rising on Amazon With “Bodyrock It” Scorpio Rising Digs Deep. Root Cellar Deep.
StoneKracker Austin, TX StoneKracker Home Page StoneKracker on Twitter StoneKracker on Instagram StoneKracker on Vimeo StoneKracker on Reverbnation StoneKracker on Soundcloud
Stupid Drama Austin, TX Stupid Drama Home Page Stupid Drama on Facebook Stupid Drama on Twitter Stupid Drama on Instagram Stupid Drama on YouTube Stupid Drama on MySpace Stupid Drama on Reverbnation Stupid Drama on Soundcloud Stupid Drama on Sonicbids Stupid Drama on iTunes
The Beaumonts Lubbock, TX The Beaumonts Home Page The Beaumonts on Facebook The Beaumonts on Twitter The Beaumonts on MySpace The Beaumonts on Reverbnation The Beaumonts on iTunes The Beaumonts Like, well, “Gettin’ High”
The Boleys Florence, TX The Boleys Home Page The Boleys on Facebook The Boleys on Twitter The Boleys on Instagram The Boleys on YouTube The Boleys on Reverbnation The Boleys on Soundcloud The Boleys on bandcamp
Worm Suicide Austin, TX Worm Suicide on Facebook Worm Suicide on Twitter Worm Suicide on Soundcloud Worm Suicide on bandcamp
Date Venue Artists
Fri 1/13 Kick Butt Coffee (Austin, TX) Pocket FishRmen
Agony Column
Chasing After Alice
Izzy Cox and the Ghosts
Killa MAUL
Scorpio Rising
The Beaumonts
DaveFest celebrates Austin's most avid live music fan and supporter, Dave "DaveTV" Prewitt
Sat 1/14 Kick Butt Coffee (Austin, TX) StoneKracker
Burn Ban
Days N Daze
Leather Leaf
Stupid Drama
The Boleys
Worm Suicide
DaveFest celebrates Austin's most avid live music fan and supporter, Dave "DaveTV" Prewitt