3rd Annual Austin Corn Lover’s Fiesta

October 11–October 14, 2012 :: Austin, TX

The Third Annual Austin Corn Lover's Fiesta—a little event referred to as "ACL"—is not to be confused with any similarly scheduled or acronymed music festivals. This ACL celebrates LOCAL and REGIONAL music, camaraderie and independence. No big names, big ticket prices, or overwhelming crowds.

With the recent closings of three of last year's venues (Lovejoy's, Trophy's, and The Scoot Inn) it seems more important than ever to retrench and make our ongoing stand against hipsters, misguided city master planning, limp-wristed gentrification (meaning people who move to the downtown of "The Live Music Capitol Of The World" and expect to live in a sound free environment, not homosexuals), and douchery in general.

The talent isn't famous. There are no sponsors other than Saustex and few good folks who cross-promote. You probably won't even catch a live feed on CNN. So what? This ACL still rocks.

"I Must Be The Devil"


Name Contact Web
Gypsy Lounge 1504 E. 6th St.
Austin, TX
Gypsy Lounge Home Page Gypsy Lounge on Facebook Gypsy Lounge on Twitter Gypsy Lounge on do512 Gypsy Lounge on Reverbnation Gypsy Lounge on Foursquare Gypsy Lounge on Yelp
Hole In The Wall 2538 Guadalupe St.
Austin, TX
Hole In The Wall Home Page Hole In The Wall on Facebook Hole In The Wall on Twitter Hole In The Wall on Instagram Hole In The Wall on do512 Hole In The Wall on Reverbnation Hole In The Wall on Foursquare Hole In The Wall on Yelp
Legendary White Swan 1906 E. 12th St.
Austin, TX
Legendary White Swan Home Page Legendary White Swan on Facebook Legendary White Swan on do512 Legendary White Swan on Reverbnation Legendary White Swan on Foursquare Legendary White Swan on Yelp
The White Horse 500 Comal St.
Austin, TX
The White Horse Home Page The White Horse on Facebook The White Horse on Twitter The White Horse on Instagram The White Horse on do512 The White Horse on Reverbnation The White Horse on Foursquare The White Horse on Yelp
Name Hometown Web Video
Bastardos de Sancho Garland, TX Bastardos de Sancho Home Page Bastardos de Sancho on Facebook Bastardos de Sancho on YouTube Bastardos de Sancho on MySpace
Billy Joe Winghead Oklahoma City, OK Billy Joe Winghead Home Page Billy Joe Winghead on Facebook Billy Joe Winghead on MySpace
Black Salve Austin, TX Black Salve on Facebook Black Salve on MySpace Black Salve on Reverbnation
Chatty Cathy Austin, TX Chatty Cathy on Facebook
Chelsea Hotel Conroe, TX Chelsea Hotel on Facebook Chelsea Hotel on MySpace Chelsea Hotel on Reverbnation Chelsea Hotel on CD Baby
Cunto! Austin, TX Cunto! on Facebook Cunto! on Twitter Cunto! on YouTube Cunto! on MySpace Cunto! on bandcamp
DJ EPSR San Antonio, TX DJ EPSR on Facebook DJ EPSR on YouTube DJ EPSR on MySpace
Gay Sportscasters Austin, TX Gay Sportscasters on Facebook Gay Sportscasters on Twitter Gay Sportscasters on Reverbnation Gay Sportcasters’ “Derby Crush” Put to Video at a TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls Match
Glambilly San Antonio, TX Glambilly Home Page Glambilly on Facebook Glambilly on Twitter Glambilly on MySpace Glambilly on Reverbnation Goldie Hans Sings Glambilly’s Salacious “I Must Be The Devil”
Hickoids San Antonio, TX Hickoids Home Page Hickoids on Facebook Hickoids on Twitter Hickoids on MySpace Hickoids on Reverbnation Hickoids on iTunes Hickoids on Amazon Hickoids Rock Their Fan-Fave Medley “Back In The Truck / Donkey Lady”
Mike and the Moonpies Austin, TX Mike and the Moonpies Home Page Mike and the Moonpies on Facebook Mike and the Moonpies on Twitter Mike and the Moonpies on YouTube Mike and the Moonpies on MySpace Mike and the Moonpies on Reverbnation Mike and the Moonpies on LastFM Mike and the Moonpies on bandcamp Mike and the Moonpies on CD Baby Mike and the Moonpies on iTunes Mike and the Moonpies on eMusic Mike and the Moonpies on Amazon Mike and the Moonpies are Spreading their “Glory” All Over Central Texas
Pocket FishRmen Austin, TX Pocket FishRmen Home Page Pocket FishRmen on Facebook Pocket FishRmen on MySpace Pocket FishRmen on Reverbnation Pocket FishRmen on LastFM Pocket FishRmen on CD Baby Pocket FishRmen on Amazon
Poor Dumb Bastards Houston, TX Poor Dumb Bastards on Facebook Poor Dumb Bastards on Reverbnation
Purple Stickpin Austin, TX Purple Stickpin on Twitter Purple Stickpin on MySpace Purple Stickpin on Tumblr Purple Stickpin on Amazon
Rice Moorehead and His Ladies Austin, TX Rice Moorehead and His Ladies on Facebook Rice Moorehead and His Ladies on Twitter Rice Moorehead and His Ladies on Instagram Rice Moorehead and His Ladies on Reverbnation Rice Moorehead and His Ladies on iTunes Rice Moorehead and His Ladies on Blogger Rice Moorehead & His Ladies Debut “Wonderful” at ‘The Other’ ACL
Righteous Brisket Austin, TX Righteous Brisket on Facebook Righteous Brisket on MySpace Righteous Brisket on Reverbnation Righteous Brisket on CD Baby Righteous Brisket on eMusic Righteous Brisket on Amazon
Scorpio Rising Austin, TX Scorpio Rising Home Page Scorpio Rising on Facebook Scorpio Rising on Twitter Scorpio Rising on Instagram Scorpio Rising on YouTube Scorpio Rising on MySpace Scorpio Rising on Reverbnation Scorpio Rising on Sonicbids Scorpio Rising on CD Baby Scorpio Rising on iTunes Scorpio Rising on eMusic Scorpio Rising on Amazon With “Bodyrock It” Scorpio Rising Digs Deep. Root Cellar Deep.
The American People Russell, PA The American People on Reverbnation
The Beaumonts Lubbock, TX The Beaumonts Home Page The Beaumonts on Facebook The Beaumonts on Twitter The Beaumonts on MySpace The Beaumonts on Reverbnation The Beaumonts on iTunes The Beaumonts Like, well, “Gettin’ High”
The Far West Los Angeles, CA The Far West Home Page The Far West on Facebook The Far West on Twitter The Far West on YouTube The Far West on iTunes The Far West on Amazon
The Free Range Bastards Jarrell, TX The Free Range Bastards on Facebook
The Hares San Antonio, TX The Hares on Facebook The Hares on Twitter The Hares on Reverbnation
The Swindles San Antonio, TX The Swindles Home Page The Swindles on MySpace The Swindles on Reverbnation The Swindles on Sonicbids The Swindles on LastFM The Swindles on CD Baby The Swindles on eMusic
Date Venue Artists
Thu 10/11 The White Horse (Austin, TX) Rice Moorehead and His Ladies
Mike and the Moonpies
The Beaumonts
The Far West
The Swindles
"Corn Tug" and roasted corn on premises; Ages 21+; FREE!
Fri 10/12 Gypsy Lounge (Austin, TX) Scorpio Rising
Chatty Cathy
"Corn Tug" matches with prizes!
Sat 10/13 Legendary White Swan (Austin, TX) Hickoids
Bastardos de Sancho
Chelsea Hotel
Poor Dumb Bastards
Righteous Brisket
The Hares
Cornhole Tourney out back starting at 7PM; Ages 21+
Sun 10/14 Hole In The Wall (Austin, TX) Billy Joe Winghead
Black Salve
Pocket FishRmen
Purple Stickpin
The American People
The Free Range Bastards
Proceeds benefit the Debbie Rombach Medical Fund; Cornhole Tourney out back starting at 4PM; Ages 21+