Viva Big Bend Food Festival

April 4–April 7, 2013 :: Alpine & Marfa, TX

This new event is a spin-off of the Viva Big Bend Music Festival which took place for the first time last summer. The food festival will showcase great restaurants and food trailers, live music and a variety of food-related activities—all packed into three days in far West Texas.

Viva Big Bend Food Festival takes place April 4-6, 2013. There's an opening night party at the Granada Theatre with area restaurants in attendance and live music. Cooking classes, presentations, happy hours, tastings and tours are planned during the weekend. More than a dozen musical acts will also perform. Passes are just $50! Ask around to find the free performances by Ashley Monical, Bonnie Bishop, Christa Russell, Matt Skinner, Philip Q. Morrow, and Robert Cline Jr.

Name Contact Web
Granada Theatre 207 E. Holland Ave.
Alpine, TX
Granada Theatre Home Page Granada Theatre on Facebook Granada Theatre on Reverbnation Granada Theatre on Yelp
Padre’s Marfa 209 W. El Paso
Marfa, TX
Padre’s Marfa Home Page Padre’s Marfa on Facebook Padre’s Marfa on Twitter Padre’s Marfa on Reverbnation Padre’s Marfa on Foursquare Padre’s Marfa on Yelp
Railroad Blues 504 W. Holland Ave.
Alpine, TX
Railroad Blues Home Page Railroad Blues on Facebook Railroad Blues on MySpace Railroad Blues on Reverbnation Railroad Blues on Foursquare Railroad Blues on Yelp
The Holland Hotel 209 W. Holland Ave.
Alpine, TX
The Holland Hotel Home Page The Holland Hotel on Facebook The Holland Hotel on Twitter The Holland Hotel on Foursquare The Holland Hotel on Yelp
Name Hometown Web Video
Ashley Monical San Marcos, TX Ashley Monical Home Page Ashley Monical on Facebook Ashley Monical on Twitter Ashley Monical on Reverbnation
Bonnie Bishop Houston, TX Bonnie Bishop Home Page Bonnie Bishop on Facebook Bonnie Bishop on Twitter Bonnie Bishop on YouTube Bonnie Bishop on MySpace Bonnie Bishop on LastFM Bonnie Bishop on iTunes Bonnie Bishop on eMusic Bonnie Bishop on Amazon
Brennen Leigh Austin, TX Brennen Leigh Home Page Brennen Leigh on Facebook Brennen Leigh on Twitter Brennen Leigh on Instagram Brennen Leigh on YouTube Brennen Leigh on MySpace Brennen Leigh on Reverbnation Brennen Leigh on Sonicbids Brennen Leigh on LastFM Brennen Leigh on iTunes Brennen Leigh on eMusic Brennen Leigh on Amazon Brennen Leigh’s “Distracted” in San Diego
Christa Russell Fort Worth, TX Christa Russell Home Page Christa Russell on Facebook Christa Russell on Twitter Christa Russell on MySpace Christa Russell on Reverbnation Christa Russell on iTunes
Cory Morrow Austin, TX Cory Morrow Home Page Cory Morrow on Facebook Cory Morrow on Twitter Cory Morrow on YouTube Cory Morrow on iTunes
Dale Watson Austin, TX Dale Watson Home Page Dale Watson on Facebook Dale Watson on Twitter Dale Watson on MySpace Dale Watson on Reverbnation Dale Watson on Sonicbids Dale Watson on LastFM Dale Watson on CD Baby Dale Watson on iTunes Dale Watson on eMusic Dale Watson on Amazon
Doodlin’ Hogwallops Alpine, TX Doodlin’ Hogwallops on Facebook Doodlin’ Hogwallops on Twitter Doodlin’ Hogwallops on MySpace Doodlin’ Hogwallops on Reverbnation
Graham Wilkinson Austin, TX Graham Wilkinson Home Page Graham Wilkinson on Facebook Graham Wilkinson on Twitter Graham Wilkinson on YouTube Graham Wilkinson on Vimeo Graham Wilkinson on MySpace Graham Wilkinson on Reverbnation Graham Wilkinson on Sonicbids Graham Wilkinson on LastFM Graham Wilkinson on CD Baby Graham Wilkinson on iTunes Graham Wilkinson on eMusic Graham Wilkinson on Amazon
John Evans Band Houston, TX John Evans Band Home Page John Evans Band on Facebook John Evans Band on Twitter John Evans Band on Reverbnation
Los Pinche Gringos Terlingua, TX Los Pinche Gringos Home Page
Matt Skinner Alpine, TX Matt Skinner Home Page Matt Skinner on Facebook Matt Skinner on Twitter Matt Skinner on MySpace
Mike and the Moonpies Austin, TX Mike and the Moonpies Home Page Mike and the Moonpies on Facebook Mike and the Moonpies on Twitter Mike and the Moonpies on YouTube Mike and the Moonpies on MySpace Mike and the Moonpies on Reverbnation Mike and the Moonpies on LastFM Mike and the Moonpies on bandcamp Mike and the Moonpies on CD Baby Mike and the Moonpies on iTunes Mike and the Moonpies on eMusic Mike and the Moonpies on Amazon Mike and the Moonpies are Spreading their “Glory” All Over Central Texas
Patrice Pike Austin, TX Patrice Pike Home Page Patrice Pike on Facebook Patrice Pike on Twitter Patrice Pike on YouTube Patrice Pike on MySpace Patrice Pike on LinkedIn Patrice Pike on LastFM Patrice Pike on CD Baby Patrice Pike on iTunes Patrice Pike on eMusic Patrice Pike on Amazon
Philip Q. Morrow Austin, TX Philip Q. Morrow on Facebook Philip Q. Morrow on Twitter Philip Q. Morrow on Instagram Philip Q. Morrow on YouTube Philip Q. Morrow on MySpace Philip Q. Morrow on Reverbnation Philip Q. Morrow on Sonicbids Philip Q. Morrow on CD Baby Philip Q. Morrow on iTunes Philip Q. Morrow on Amazon A Montage of Philip Q. Morrow at Southern Thread’s Artist Showcase at The Parish in June 2011
Robert Cline, Jr. Fort Collins, CO Robert Cline, Jr. Home Page Robert Cline, Jr. on Facebook Robert Cline, Jr. on Twitter Robert Cline, Jr. on Reverbnation Robert Cline, Jr. on CD Baby
Shelley King Austin, TX Shelley King Home Page Shelley King on Facebook Shelley King on Twitter Shelley King on YouTube Shelley King on MySpace Shelley King on Reverbnation Shelley King on Sonicbids
Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars Pony, MT Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars Home Page Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars on Facebook Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars on Twitter Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars on MySpace Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars on Reverbnation Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars on iTunes Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars on Amazon
Date Venue Artists
Thu 4/4 The Holland Hotel (Alpine, TX) Christa Russell
Matt Skinner
Philip Q. Morrow
Free show!
Thu 4/4 Granada Theatre (Alpine, TX) Dale Watson
Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars
Thu 4/4 Railroad Blues (Alpine, TX) Mike and the Moonpies
The opening night after-party!
Fri 4/5 Railroad Blues (Alpine, TX) Cory Morrow
Doodlin’ Hogwallops
Los Pinche Gringos
Fri 4/5 Padre’s Marfa (Marfa, TX) Brennen Leigh
Primo Carrasco & David Beebe @ 8:30PM
Sat 4/6 Padre’s Marfa (Marfa, TX) Shelley King
John Evans Band
Sat 4/6 Railroad Blues (Alpine, TX) Graham Wilkinson
Patrice Pike