Lauren Gribble
Lauren Gribble
Lauren Gribble (Austin, TX)

Lauren Gribble created the Listen Here! blog in 2013, posting music reviews of all sorts. She is a current Music Business, Performance, and Technology major at Austin Community College, and has called Austin home for the past two years. Her passion for all things music, had led her to wanting to experience as much of the music business as possible. After landing an internship with local Austin coffeehouse Kick Butt Coffee, as an Events Manager Assistant, it was time to turn in a different direction: music journalism. After seeing many of the great local and national artists represented on the Coyote Music web site, interviewing bands and reviewing records seemed like a great opportunity to expand her horizons in the music world.

In addition to her musical pursuits, Lauren enjoys movies, reading, spending time with family and friends, and seeing all that Austin has to offer.

Reviews Written

Artist Title Date
Churchwood 2 11/18/14
Nina Diaz Live at The Belmont (Austin, TX) 6/17/14
The Beaumonts Where Do You Want It? 5/19/14
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders 14th & Nowhere… 5/9/14
Free From Gravity The Long Road 8/20/13
The Smith III Diamond In A Rock 6/25/13
Sanghera Hell of a Night 6/19/13
Stanford Hazy Stanford Hazy 5/28/13
Andy Palmer Hazard of the Die 5/11/13
Motion Plus Soul Sonic Stimulation 4/22/13
Paul Koudouris Twenty-Something 4/16/13
Phil Stoodley No Surprise 4/8/13
Richard Murray Desert Wind 3/29/13
Crowe Crowe 3/25/13
Fetsum Live at Hole In The Wall (Austin, TX) 3/18/13
Kelly Campbell Sweet Therapy 2/26/13
Barclay and Ichinose Barclay & Ichinose I 2/17/13
Brando Albers Fade Away 2/11/13
Arron Brown Gazing At The Stars (EP) 2/6/13
Dahab Qabeela’h 2/1/13
The Unswept Surf Song 89 1/29/13
Chords of Truth Reflections of Reality 1/20/13
manteye Soundcloud Demos 1/17/13
T. Tex Edwards Intexicated! 1/14/13
PONG PONG Live At The Continental Club 1/3/13
Jerome Luke My Resignation 12/11/12
Taylor Swift Red 11/30/12
Chief Fuzzer Sample This: Saustex 2012 Sampler 11/16/12
El Pathos Hate & Love 10/22/12
Copper Gamins The Copper Gamins 10/16/12
Armadillo Road Armadillo Road 9/17/12

Posted on 9/17/12