Wiley Koepp
Wiley Koepp
Wiley Koepp (Austin, TX)

Wiley Koepp started Coyote Music in 1995 as a management and promotional tool for his own bands. These days, Wiley does most of the writing and web development for the website. Wiley is a drummer and has served as the Undergraduate Academic Advisor for The U.T. School Of Music, an A&R Rep for Farmclub/Universal Records in New York City, and a panelist at various music industry conferences.

By day, Wiley is a software developer. By night, Wiley can be found either with family or behind a drum kit.

Wiley's Upcoming Shows

Saturday 10/26 at Private Event (Undisclosed Location)

with Jukebox Vandals

Reviews Written

Artist Title Date
Mr. P Chill The Beautiful Revolution 1/25/17
Noah James Hittner Flesh & Metal 1/24/17
Thunderbird Heavyweight 12/29/16
Kiddoo and the Dude Welcome to Kiddoo and the Dude’s Funky Freakshow! 11/12/15
Mr. P Chill Still Standing 8/12/15
Testify Pray Until Something Happens 7/16/14
Lady Cam Get It Got It 6/19/14
Unkle Bob Embers 5/23/14
Chuck Inglish Convertibles 4/18/14
Mr. P Chill Persistence 4/15/14
CalatrilloZ The 2014 Demos 4/7/14
HER Gold 8/21/13
United States of Oz Not Afraid 8/1/13
Zero Inn Children of the New Revolution 8/1/13
Kagero Gumbo du Jour 6/2/13
J Almighty Soldier (single) 5/29/13
Piñata Protest El Valiente 5/13/13
Absoloot Banksters 5/9/13
Karlex Paris | New York | Port-Au-Prince 4/30/13
Jason Daryush Three Cities 4/23/13
45trona Ut Funkspatial 4/17/13
King Felix Home Free / Medicinal Hookers 3/25/13
Piñata Protest Live at Dog and Duck Pub (Austin, TX) 3/19/13
Emma Shaka Who I Am 3/14/13
Rog & Glenn Close The Club 3/6/13
American Beauties Too Worn To Mend 1/31/13
Young Slay aka Mèt Piwèt Faces Got No Race 1/7/13
RoGizz Black Blago Politikal Pimpin’ Volume I 1/4/13
Post Trauma Sleepless 1/3/13
LEL Brothas The Epidemic 1/2/13
Phil Jones Band Raise Up 12/22/12
InAshton Everyone & You 12/10/12
Dylan Lock Lockstar 12/5/12
Tu Michael Moondancer 11/25/12
Frank Roberts Change in Motion 11/15/12
Devyn Rose D.E.V.Y.N. 11/15/12
Hickoids Live at Padres (Marfa, TX) 10/18/12
Paco Estrada Live at Darwin’s Pub (Austin, TX) 10/8/12
Texas Tornados Live at the Granada Theatre (Alpine, TX) 7/28/12
Mike and the Moonpies Live at Kokernot Field (Alpine, TX) 7/29/12
Paco Estrada the definite and indefinite​.​.​. integrals of logarithmic and exponential functions 3/29/12
The Eggmen Live at Hanovers Draught House (Pflugerville, TX) 3/25/12
Piñata Protest Live at Headhunters: SXSW 2012 Official Showcase (Austin, TX) 3/23/12
Bryan Dunn Sweetheart of the Music Hall 3/19/12
Treetop Sailors Live at Headhunters (Austin, TX) 1/15/12
Johnny Hi-Fi Vicious Cycle of Promises & Apologies 10/17/11
Francis McGrath No Less Days 6/7/10
TaylorWise Restore Us 1/25/10
Bryan Gorsira so far 12/20/09
Sybil Cold Drink 11/1/09
Art Napoleon Siskabush Tales 6/20/09
Bryan Dunn Vicious Waltz 2/9/09
Claire Small Live at Flipnotics (Austin, TX) 12/21/08
Amid The Crash Amid The Crash 12/13/08
Amid The Crash Live at Austin Christian Fellowship (Austin, TX) 12/7/08
Bryan Gorsira The Best Years 12/4/08
SkinGod Frailty 11/1/08
George Michael Live at American Airlines Arena (Dallas, TX) 7/13/08
Steve Forbert Live at Blue Rock Studios (Wimberly, TX) 10/11/07
Bryan Dunn A Vague Recollection of Dancing (unreleased) 7/7/07
Bryan Dunn Static and Scripture 6/1/06
Johnny Hi-Fi Live at Momo’s (Austin, TX) 3/27/06
Kevin So Live at Liberty Heights Tap Room (Brooklyn, NY) 1/8/05
Bananafish Zero Live at Piano’s (New York, NY) 6/10/04
Vicki Levy Live at The Triad (New York, NY) 5/8/04
Her Space Holiday The Young Machines 4/4/04
Maggie Kim Lesson 1 4/4/04
Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! Carbon Copy 10/29/03
Boccigalupe and the Bad Boys It’s My Turn, Now 10/29/03
Glenys Rogers goatskinwishes 10/13/03
Johnny Hi-Fi Don’t Set Yourself Up (EP) 6/23/03
SW The Turning Point 3/30/03
SW The Road to Here 7/19/02
Caroline Hope Malice Alice 3/26/02
Hank Madison Demonstration 1/16/02
Linda Taylor Pulse 1/7/02

Posted on 1/1/95