Le Lien Releases Debut Single “Give Me Your Love”
Le Lien Releases Debut Single  “Give Me Your Love”
Le Lien Releases Debut Single “Give Me Your Love”

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July 22, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA Le Lien announces the release her debut single, “Give Me Your Love.”

The L.A. based artist wrote, recorded, and sang the song’s demo, then teamed with producer Mike Sullivan to flesh it out into its final form.

The song was a mess when I gave it to [producer Mike Sullivan]. We worked on the song together and made it much better than it was before.” Lyrically daring, “Give Me Your Love” more than earns the parental caution symbol that will appear on its label, as the song delves into partners mutually fulfilling each others’ deepest desires. Le explains, “When you love someone you’ll do anything for them; it goes both ways. It is a female dominant song because I am declaring to a deserving man, ‘Give me your love.’ It is the same thing as a woman leaning in and declaring and flirtatious way – ‘kiss me, please me and show me how you feel through your actions and not just your words.’”

Le’s artist talents are not new. She’s written lyrics dating back to elementary school, began performing professionally in 2011, and studied Audio Engineering in college, where she also earned a choral scholarship. “Give Me Your Love” is the first single off Le Lien’s debut EP, to be released in late 2014.

Learn more about Le at LeLien.com and “Give Me Your Love” producer Mike Sullivan at MikeSullivanMusic.com.

Posted on 7/22/14