Simple Thing Returns Home To Play The 2002 Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Festival!

Coyote Music Press Release


February 3, 2002 - Austin, TX
Contact: Wiley Koepp 512.740.7210

New York’s latest rock band sensation, Simple Thing, has been selected by a pair of MTV producers to perform in The Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival. The festival takes place in Austin, Texas March 13th through March 16th, just overlapping the internationally recognized South by Southwest Music Conference (SXSW). Simple Thing members, Bryan Dunn, David C., Johnny Hi-Fi and Wiley Koepp will play the Treasure Island Pirate Bar located on Austin’s legendary 6th Street (413 E. 6th St.) Friday, March 15th. The group is scheduled to begin their show at 11:30 p.m.

The Austin Simple Thing performance is not affiliated with the 2002 SXSW conference, therefore the show does not require a SXSW badge, wristband or any other conference credentials. The show is open to the public and will a charge $5 cover fee for entrance. Acting as host to bands from all over the world, The Heart of Texas Quadruple-Bypass Music Festival is a four-night alternative to SXSW held during the month of March in Austin, Texas. The festival provides unsigned artists an outlet to showcase their work to the music industry.

Appropriately, all of the Simple Thing members have lived and performed in Austin within the last two years, which has allowed the group to maintain a strong fan base in the "Live Music Capital of the World" despite their living in New York City. The release date of Simple Thing’s debut album, Last Year’s Boy, coincides with their Austin homecoming. A special limited edition initial pressing of Last Year’s Boy will be available to industry representatives and for public purchase at the March 15th show.

Uniting in Brooklyn, New York just last year, Simple Thing members hail from a variety of projects and musical styles allowing the artists to create a very unique pop-rock sound. Songwriter and lead singer, Bryan Dunn has used his creative talents to write impressive lyrics and melodies for the band. His musical resume lists several projects, including the popular Austin-based 3 Penny Opera. Bassist David C. has channeled his musical savvy to groups like The Worry Dolls, Numeralia, and Small Departures. He suitably played the role of chief engineer for the recording of Simple Thing’s upcoming release, Last Year’s Boy. When Johnny Hi-Fi is not singing harmony or playing guitar with Simple Thing, he fronts his own Asian-Brit pop band and records with Magic Stone Records based in Taiwan. Finally, the drummer, Wiley Koepp has worked with many groups in the Austin and New York musical communities, both as a percussionist and as an artist representative. Three of the bands he has been involved with as a musician have also included Bryan. Together the four have approached the Simple Thing project with updated style, distinctive melodies and a ripe creative angle.

Posted on 2/3/02