Sister Wife Releases Electric Single “Sugar-Coated Sadness” on Complex Anxiety Disorder with Help from Multi-Platinum and Grammy Nominated Musicians/Producers

Coyote Music Press Release


October 3, 2022 - Austin, TX

OCT. 3- On Sept 30th, SISTER WIFE released their debut single Sugar Coated Sadness via Hot Mess! Records, and today they share the meaning behind the song lyrics and the tender background that brings the song to life. Opening with allusions to self-soothing techniques with the counting up to the number five, SISTER WIFE expresses that to breathe is overwhelming at times, especially when internalizing stressors and feelings for the sake of others. SISTER WIFE’s warm voice contrasted with unflinching lyrical honesty offer a reflection on the grief that coexists with “putting on a smile for someone else’s benefit.”

“I feel bitter so it’s better that I just be left alone; God I hate this feeling but it feels like home,” SISTER WIFE sings, backed by edgy pop-rock drums and catchy lead guitar lines. Grammy Award Winning Vocal Producer Scott Robinson, and Multi-Platinum Musician and Producer Petro AP (who is currently on tour with Alexander 23) co-produced the track and brought SISTER WIFE’s lyrics to life in a keyed up, ear catching indie pop-rock fashion. Their experience with a wide-range of recording artists (Sabrina Carpenter, Demi Lovato, LP, Fall Out Boy, One Direction, Icona Pop to name a few) across varying genres helped cultivate the perfect blend of synth pop and subtle garage-influenced rock.

Listen to "Sugar Coated Sadness" Here

Currently located in Austin, Texas, SISTER WIFE is excited to release 3 more singles come January 2023. Lyrical themes of the upcoming singles all aim to offer realistic dialog on what it looks like, or in this case, what it sounds like, to live with an internalized panic disorder. “I think it’s important to share stories through song. It helps us feel less alone. I know listening to music that captures a complex, sometimes inexpressible emotion or story has helped me in healing. My favorite artists do that, and I only hope to provide that same catharsis for others with my music, ” said the singer-songwriter. You can keep up with SISTER WIFE’s latest releases and news on their instagram:

Posted on 10/3/22