Ulrich Ellison and Tribe announce upcoming release “BOLD” and fundraising platform “myTribe”

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November 3, 2015 - Austin, TX
Contact: TONETRIBE MUSIC, bookingthetribe@gmail.com, 512.998.5790

Just back from their third European Tour this year, Austin guitarist Ulrich Ellison has had little time to rest. Earlier in March, the band won an Austin Music Award for Best Blues/Soul/Funk Live Act and then got signed to New York based label, Grooveyard Records. Now they announced the release of a new album for next year and the launch of their own download platform.

Ellison explains, "For niche / non-mainstream artists like me it is very important to connect with our fans in a personable, unique way. It’s not about the masses, but individual relationships. Spotify, AppleMusic, etc. don’t foster those. It’s hardly possible to record a new album from revenue made on those portals and create a sustaining cycle. The average music fan has a hard time imagining where that music comes from. There are fundraising platforms like Kickstarter and PledgeMusic that are great, but still they dictate how to connect with fans and they take a significant cut of the money raised. That’s why I decided to take it a step ahead and build my own platform.”

Inspired by local institutions like Patronism and Blackfret, myTribe features an introduction video and multiple subscription levels to choose from. Subscribers get all-access to downloadable items, custom merchandise, special Tribe-only events, and house concerts.

“If you download everything in our store it would cost you $96 but that’s not the point. We are deepening the relationship between music maker and music lover. The customer paradigm stopped working a while back for music, now we are in a sharing economy. By underwriting new albums, our members actively enable the creation of new music and fuel everything attached to that: touring, merch sales, press, visibility, etc. In these times, we cannot do it without Tribe support.”

Ulrich Ellison and Tribe's upcoming album BOLD is scheduled for release in March 2016, in time for their appearance at the European Blues Challenge 2016 in Torrita Di Siena, Italy, followed by an extended European tour.

Visit Ulrich Ellison and Tribe:
myTribe: ulrichellison.com/mytribe
Youtube: youtube.com/ulrichellison
Facebook: facebook.com/ulrichellisonmusic

Posted on 11/3/15