Brave Song Circle Records Song to Raise Money for The Aurora Victim Relief Fund

In the wake of the Aurora theater shooting, Denver-based Brave Song Circle recorded "Villian (Precious Humans)." 100% of all proceeds from the download of this song will benefit The Aurora Victim Relief Fund.

The theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado shook the city, the entire state, and our country. Response to the attack has been massive, from the two million dollars Warner Bros. has funneled to victims and their families, to President Obama's visiting victims in the hospital. In the music community, Lauren Gale, half of the Denver-based duo Brave Song Circle, penned a song entitled "Villain (Precious Humans)." The band has made the song available via their page, and plans to donate 100% of the proceeds to The Aurora Victim Relief Fund via

You can purchase "Villain (Precious Humans)"

Shortly after the shootings the band's second member, Dustin Morris, sent an email our way attempting to capture the mood of his state: certainly has been dark around here in Colorado. We're a strong state with a good community of loving folks.

Echoing that sentiment is the band's home page, which currently reads:

We've cried, we've bled, and we've lost sleep; the community is hurting and our neighbors still need help. This has brought a group of friends together to do what we do best: write music. We’ve written a song as part of our donation to the community, and now we want to share it with you.

We are asking for donations for the download of "Villain (Precious Humans)". 100% of the proceeds of this recording will go to benefit the victims, their families, and other community members in need of assistance through The Aurora Victim Relief Fund at

Please donate generously. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to assist those in need. Thank you in advance from the bottom of our warm hearts.

So please take a moment to listen to the song and consider purchasing "Villain (Precious Humans)," contributing what you can to help The Aurora Victim Relief Fund.

Special thanks go to the others involved in the recording: Michael Meyer (recorded the song at no cost), Stephan Hume (guitar/vocals), and Kyle Simmons (ending screaming vocals).

Posted on 8/1/12