Dare You to Listen to Clifford Reeves' "Paradox" and Keep It Outta Your Head

"Paradox" is available now on most every streaming service

Having Clifford Reeves' "Paradox" appear on my desk* was a pleasant surprise. Catchy slide guitar intro. Solid groove. Strong voice. Reminiscent of Nathaniel Rateliff or Cold War Kids. Then the song kicks into the beat with some fun drum/synth programming. This tune would slide comfortably into Sirius XM's Alt Nation's playlist.

The song's varied arrangement really adds to its intrigue, keeping your attention with changes across the vocal and melody lines, some musical stops, percussion/handclaps, electronic drums, lead guitar licks, etc. But there's a continuity that keeps it all together. All this and the infectious hook makes for a tasty lil' pop song.

Then the breakdown. Nothing delights me more than a breakdown. You can just picture the crowd's reaction. Daaaamn. 

"Paradox" is definitely the first single off the album. Wait, is there even an album? Regardless, this song has legs enough to keep it standing strong. It's available everywhere. You can listen below, but then take that next step and go buy "Paradox" now!

Clifford · Paradox

* as if a new single in 2021 would actually arrive 
in a medium that would physically land on a desk

Posted on 2/17/21