Top 10 of May 2014
Top 10 of May 2014
Top 10 of May 2014

The Top 10 most visited pages on in May 2014!

1. An Interview with Croatian Bassist, Luka Veselinovic - We found Luka and really loved his story, progressing from Croatian alt rock to studying at Berklee and back to his home country.

2. "I Can't Wait (Be My Wife)" - Ben Rue seems to have a hit on his hands...and this lyric video is where it all began.

3. Scorpio Rising at Parish Underground in Austin, TX (5/31/14) - Scorpio Rising, along with Mr. GlitterMan and Bonus Junk, teamed up for a fundraiser for Julianne Ruth, the victim of a brutal assault.

4. "Tramp Stamp" by HER - This video is fun. HER had a video production company "tattoo" the lyrics of the song onto lead singer Monique's lower back...ya know, like a tramp stamp.

5. HER at The Basement in Nashville, TN (5/12/14) - HER brought it's trash-country-meets-southern-rock flair to Nashville's legendary Basement.

6. Scorpio Rising at Pecan Street Festival in Austin, TX (5/4/13) - Last year's date made our Top 10 but this year's didn't???

7. "Persistence" by Mr. P Chill - We reviewed Mr. P Chill's brand new release, a blue collar, old school Hip-Hop record that deals with real life. No limos, misogyny, or posing goin' on here.

8. The Unswept - Chicago's The Unswept continue their run in our Top 10.

9. "Sloe Gin" by Amanda Shires - Like The Unswept, Amanda Isbell's 2012 video continues attract folks' attention.

10. "Touch" by Josh Abbott Band - JAB's military tribute, of sorts, addresses the hardships facing military couples.

Posted on 6/2/14