Esfaras Offers You an Easy Way to Connect with Musicians, Producers, DJs and Music Services Including Recording, Mixing, Mastering and More!

Exposure for audio professionals and access for potential clients, Esfara is a new online portal that brings all the players together to put music into its permanent form.

Need a studio? Need some mastering? How 'bout a session musician to fill-in for a band member who just flaked out? Or what if you are a professional in the audio industry who's looking to expand your client base? 

Frankfurt-based Esfaras has created a solution that has eluded the music industry for decades. They offer an online resource for putting clients together with music professionals who are needed to complete their projects. Through Esfaras, you can do everything from booking a nearby recording studio to linking up your own studio with those who are looking to record! 

Esfaras is the place where you can find, compare and book recording studios. We connect customers and recording studios in a simple and transparent way.

When you create your profile on you gain access to reviews and ratings of professionals and join a community focused on what needs to be done to make their musical visions a reality. Esfaras has put out a video that perfectly encapsulates their concept:

Founded and currently centered in Frankfurt, Germany, Esfaras currently lists a number of studios and music industry service providers across the entire country. There is also an entire online portal, providing the ability to connect with professionals and clients worldwide.

Team Esfaras
Team Esfaras

For those working in the audio industry, Esfaras represents an immediate, direct and personal connection between potential clients, with little to no risk. Much in the same way that property sites like AirBnB and rideshare sites like Uber provide some level of assurance to their providers, Esfaras includes the benefits of client reviews and ratings, so that both parties involved have the opportunity to build a trustworthy reputation.

For those seeking audio resources and services, Esfaras' site search includes the abilities to narrow down your search by service, personal preference, location, and more! Similarly, you can also read reviews and directly contact the professionals they're interested in learning more about.

As with all innovative opportunities, the key for you is to join soon to begin reaping the benefits of Esfaras' wealth of providers and interested clients. You can visit or contact Leon Yurdakul via email at

Posted on 6/12/24