Inspired By Rockers of the Past, Rob Decoup Uses His Dreamy Imagery in His Latest Release

The music of Rob Decoup channels his 80s and 90s rock influences, bringing to life Rob's the surrealistic imagery of dreams weaved around his thoughts.

Rob Decoup is a New York based rocker who embraces his similarities to 90’s grunge and alternative bands such as Alice in Chains or Stone Temple Pilots, who he admires to this day. And though he takes the risk of being called a “90’s nostalgic rock band," he uses what they taught him by challenging authority, always questioning, and trying to shock the system.

Rob personally likes to cling onto rock music for the poetry and literature behind many songwriters' lyrics. He also believes that today’s electronic music lacks lyrics and poetry, music worth being thrown away by the genre.

His latest single “Burn Me To The Ground” has the same essence that post-hardcore/grunge/alternative bands had in their era, evident from the dark composition Rob hopes is still cherished by rock fanatics.

They put me in a prison cell, to watch my spirit bleed
The book of lies from the stealthy neighbor, I don't believe
You couldn't live without me,
you won ́t believe your eyes when I come your way

Decoup practices his own beliefs, writing personal, influential, dominant, dark, and intense lyrics. His sound takes you back into time with songs like “Free,” reminiscent of bands like Bush or Soundgarden. A post-punk atmosphere surrounds “Back to L.A.,” with its quick guitar riffs, fast drumming, and passionate vocals. Visually, Rob channels his rock persona, performing in true rock attire—black leather jacket, torn pants, and magnificent aviators.

Rob and his music are unique in their influence by retro rock because they bring a sound that isn’t played as much nowadays. But in retro often lies the future...perhaps the next Rob Decoup song will appear in the next Robert Rodriguez or Stephen Frears film.

Visit Rob's Artist page for links to listen to and buy his single “Burn Me To The Ground” on iTunes, and watch his latest music video on YouTube.

Posted on 1/30/13