JanJan Set to Take On the World with Her Debut Album, Fantasy

Songwriter, performer, fashionista and part-time wedding singer, Janet Onyenucheya has benefitted from her years of training at LaGuardia High School and Berklee College of Music. Now she fuels the fire within to make her alter ego “JanJan” into a household name.

Since she was a child growing up in the Bronx, Janet Onyenucheya was a bold little firecracker! She spent most of her childhood singing Michael Jackson songs with a toy microphone and tape machine. Better know by her stage name “JanJan,” she now possesses a flashy spark of energy that can draw comparisons to her current counterparts Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha.

JanJan attended high school at the famed Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music, Art, and the Performing Arts (as did Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Aniston, and many more!). At age 18 she left home to attend Berklee College of Music (where PSY, John Mayer, and countless others learned their craft), with the dream of never graduating and becoming “a star” before the following semester’s tuition was due.

While attending Berklee, JanJan focused on writing her own songs and taking on a production role in the recording process. Using every word of advice, and occasional criticism, JanJan molded herself into the musically inclined sparkplug that she is today. She graduated in 2008 with a degree in Professional Music (insert applause!) and moved to Los Angeles with big dreams (and little money).

Not without setbacks, JanJan faced and embraced just about every kind of adversity you can think of. Her brief failed attempt at “making it” in Hollywood was met with a sometimes broken spirit and constant financial struggle. Were it not for the words of Oprah and Eckhart Tolle—just to name a few—things might’ve ended a long time ago for her. However it’s because of her challenges and resulting growth that this girl has an inner strength and core that is ready to rock!

Today, JanJan is writing the next musical chapter of her life. She has combined her skills of dancing, singing and rapping to create a youthful and energetic persona. JanJan is a pure-pop-performer who writes her own songs that are catchy, fun and relatable. She’s been honored for her songwriting skills by ASCAP and even performed at the New York City premier of the 2013 Oscar winning film Les Miserables.

JanJan’s first mini album, titled Fantasy is slated for release in the summer of 2013. The project is written, composed, co-produced and self-financed by JanJan (cha-ching!). She is the complete package: The Look. The Sound. The Passion and The Heart. She stands out in a crowd by being true to herself, her wigs, her crazy hats, her sequins and her rhinestones. Her ever-evolving style will keep pop music fans excited about a girl that is so special and fresh!

Cheers to her little rebel heart and the never compromising “True to Herself” mentality that flows through every vein in this girl’s body.


Posted on 5/29/13