Jessie Burner’s Spotify Streams Coming in by the Tens of Thousands

Having contributed music to several indie films, Orlando-based producer Jessie Burner pursues additional film and commercial licensing and plans a new-and-improved live show concept.

In 2010 Jessie Burner embarked on a solo mission to create music his own way, that lives up to his own standard. Having played drums in several bands, he experienced the common phenomenon of musicians who have extremely different levels of expectation when it comes to hard work and performance quality. "When you're in a band, your eyes are on the prize," Jessie shared in a November 2020 conversation. "Some people just want to show up and play, without trying to get better. When that happens, what's the point? It ends up being like a bowling club."

Putting this energy into something I can't control, I wasn't satisfied. I was disappointed with others' performance. It ends up being like a bowling club.
- Jessie, on moving from being in a band to solo work

Free and on his own, Jessie converted his garage into a professional studio. There he's built a full-time career recording local Hip-Hop acts and collaborating with artists worldwide. He's also been able to dive headlong into his own music, recording and producing his own blend of Hip-Hop and EDM.

Studio Hang

And so far so good, it would seem. In 2014 he posted a haunting Dubstep-influenced remix of the Ben E. King classic "Stand By Me." While it didn't quite go viral, it has accumulated over 10,000 views. Having turned more to iTunes and Spotify since then, his song "The Naturalist" has surpassed 65,000 streams on Spotify.

Most recently Jessie released "Be With You." And in just a few months, during a pandemic no less, the track has accumulated nearly 30,000 Spotify streams. It's not just about numbers, though. "I've got a control freak syndrome. I know in my mind 'this is how I want this song to sound' and so I'll work on a song until it it's sounds as good as it can. I don't want to put things out there that aren't quality."

Where there is room to relax, though, is non-musically. Jessie approaches his Instagram and Twitter accounts with a more relaxed outlook. While it's a challenge to get a new song out every week or so, you can share the behind-the-scenes process quicker and more easily on social media. "I mean, you should put something out're not as relevant if you don't put out something regularly." Check @jessie burner on Twitter and Instagram to see what that's all about.

I don't want to put things out there that aren't quality.

So where to now?

Asked what a dream scenario would be for his music, Jessie came back with two things...both of which have already begun to happen.

First: Movie Placement. "Music with imagery is very powerful. I love helping to create a poignant moment that combines music and video." To date, Jessie has contributed music to several indie films but is always looking for more collaborations on that front."


Second: Live Events. "Being in front of people...I love the energy." This is more of a project for the future. While Jessie is performing live somewhat now (this weekend he performed with a group called Futuristic Diner--beats with a singer and bass player), he looks for something between solo and a full band. "I don't want it to be me with a laptop. It'd be cool to have some members, not just a guy playing beeps and boops on a computer."

So we'll see what the future holds for Jessie Burner. Take a minute to check out the tracks in this story. If you like what you hear, check out Jessie on iTunes and Spotify!

Posted on 2/10/21