Lyricist Seeks Songwriters and Performers to Give Her Words the Gift of Sound

Joyce Jedlicka currently writes in both English and Spanish, with songs crossing genres from traditional Country/Western to Mexican Rancheras

I have always likened the relationship among band members to a marriage. There are similar back-and-forths, give-and-takes, and contributions of two peoples' talents focused on a common goal. So in the case of songwriting, assuming a music + lyrics combination, you have two or more people who offer, shape, and revise their words and melodies until, BOOM: there's a song.

The best time to give up on love is never.
- "No Dream Too Far"

Right now, lyricist Joyce Jedlicka is a prolific writer who is looking for one or more musicians to pair her words with melodies and instrumentation. Joyce has penned dozens of songs primarily in English but more recently in Spanish, as well. Her English works she likens to the traditional styles of Don Williams or Vern Gosdin. But depending upon whose music ends up accompanying the words, there are aspects of a pensive Pop vibe.

Jedlicka's topics tend to be universal: love, relationships, disillusionment—subjects that have fueled popular music from the outset. Several delve into the Christian realm, regarding God's presence in our lives, His presence in the natural world, and in "Heavenly Father" a direct appeal to God, acknowledging human imperfection.

With her Spanish lyrics, Joyce writes gender-nonspecific for the most part (love is love, regardless of which side of the fence you're on). But in "Por Eso Me Voy" we get a woman's point of view as she tells off her unfaithful lover. Similarly, particular to a woman's emotion, "Respirando La Luz" mourns the loss of a child.

La vida es un infierno sin amar
- "Triste Despedida"

Joyce is interested in connecting with songwriters and performers to explore having her songs performed live and/or recorded. You can reach her directly via email at joyce9735 at Please spread the word to those you may know with songs that lack lyrics, or may be improved with fresh words.

Posted on 2/5/18