Marietta's KAPSTONY Thrive on Production of Music, Fashion, and Multi-Media

#Protip: Rapper/Producer Duo KAPSTONY Bring Basketball Concepts to the Studio and See the Payoff

It's the summer of 2020. Yes, that summer. Locked down in a Dallas AirBnB, rapper MUSTBEKAP and labelmate RonDaDon created what was to become MBK's first recorded verses. "Ron loaded up an instrumental and started a song and the beat was so hard once I got on, I spazzed and finished the rest of the song." 

Once out of Dallas and back home to Marietta, Georgia, MBK met up with mutual friend and producer $TONECOLD and began what has turned into a multi-faceted mini-empire of music, video, and fashion.


And with that, era of KAPSTONY began.

By 2022 the duo released KAP$STONIAN, a cave man themed album with what serves as a motivating theme song for them: "HoW bad do U want it." Their latest collaboration is just-released NOT2FARBEHIND, which presents a racing sensibility both visually and sonically.

Then you've got MUSTBEKAP's own record label projects, Playdead Vol.2 and Playdead Vol.3. The prolific nature of KAPSTONY is really just coming to fruition.

Both members are team players and have marveled at the cohesive nature they've found working together. MBK explains it: "We both have a basketball background so it’s more like 'you thinking what I’m thinking' for most concepts. Iron sharpens iron. I don’t think we realized it at first. It was me asking him to make a certain type of beat for a project I was working on for my record label and [$TONECOLD] would deliver mindblowing results that made the project special."

But not letting success go to their heads, the duo has remained humble and respectful of each other's creative space. They routinely discuss current and future projects, and how to move forward as a team, one step at a time. You can follow KAPSTONY on all major social platforms through

Posted on 2/8/23