Six New Things On Coyote Music’s Website That Make Life Better

Tinkering, enhancing, bolstering, fixing, illuminating, patching. All of these things happen constantly here. Herein lie the details of six recent nuggets of our creation.

1. Facebook Likes, Twitter Shares, and Google +1s

Pick a page, any page (this very page, for example). If you look toward the bottom you'll find buttons for sharing content via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You'll also find Like buttons on many of our listing pages and the Top 10's. It's like a contest where the winner is whatever you're Liking.

2. Easier-to-Find Artists

Artists by the letter. We've received a lot of feedback about this over the years as the number of artists on the site has grown. Now the Artists list is broken down by letter of the alphabet.

3. Monthly Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Lists. We started listing our top 10 most viewed pages in February 2012. As it turned out, the older a page was the more views it accrued (go figure). To keep things fresh, the slate is now wiped cleaned on the first of each month. Now you'll see what's currently popular instead of the "all-time" faves.

4. Artist and Venue Tweets

We added tweets widgets all over the place, so if a venue or artist is tweeting you'll see it when you visit their page. Check out Hey, Gurl's artist page and The Saxon Pub's venue page for examples (they're good Twitterers...or is it tweeters?).

5. Poster Gallery

Posters galore! Many musicians either create their own posters or have a talented artist-friend who works their magic. All the show posters on the site are now on display in a section of their own.

6. More Ways to Contact Us

Find us, reach out, let us know you care. We have added a convenient "Send Us A Message" form. Send in your suggestions, complaints, praise, or just let us know about a good upcoming show.

Bonus: A New 404 Page

When lost, at least enjoy yourself. In recent years, websites have had a great deal of fun with their "404 File Not Found" pages. Steve Lambert's is still my all time favorite, but folks are getting more outlandish and humorous all the time. Well, we went with "music-focused" for ours, showing a new video each time you run astray.

Posted on 8/21/12