“Started In The Kitchen Beats” Shows Musical and Lifelong Promise for Rog Jung

Rog Jung has endured a life of personal and legal turmoil that would knock most people down for the count. In 2013, his Started In The Kitchen Beats releases "What I Do," a single that could be the beginning of a whole new chapter in his life.

Born in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1982, Rog is the eldest of 6 children. Their childhood was set in a very poor neighborhood, in a home where both parents battled a crack addiction. Rog used music as an escape from this tough and abusive environment. Hip-hop served as a therapist, conveying themes through its lyrics that Rog could deeply understand.

Hip-hop itself, though, can't raise a healthy child. Rog learned from those around him, and began idolizing the dealers and hustlers in his neighborhood. He started selling drugs at a very early age and racked up his first distribution offense at age 11. His teens were a downfall of violence, drugs, and constant movement among foster homes and detention facilities.

After obtaining his GED while incarcerated, Rog was released, and purchased his first recording set-up, which lived in his kitchen. Friends and now musical associates Quarentine and Medisin worked together with Rog, allowing him to learn keys and write beats...while also preparing drugs to sell for income. Rog was busted in '05 and was in jail until the end of 2008, and when released made a conscious decision to change his life.

He earned a college degree in computer-aided drafting, and began to take his Started In The Kitchen Beats more seriously. After making some legitimate money off music, Rog was hooked on something positive and creative.

Today Rog Jung is working with other artists, producing even more. His 2013 release Cuz I Can will be a debut, holding not only the fruits of his recording labor, but also the promise of the next stage of his life.

Posted on 12/24/12