Top 10 of April 2014

The Top 10 most visited pages on in April 2014!

Of all people, the divine Bette Midler tops our Top 10 of April 2014. Her unhappy tweet criticizing Pandora's and Spotify's low artist royalty rates sent shockwaves across Twitter. Our take on it was that, though this is great for Bette to point the finger at companies taking advantage of artists, she's a bit late to the game. ECR Music Group's Blake Morgan and his #irespectmusic campaign has been goin' at this for a year. Still, mad props to Bette for speaking out. Her 140 characters brought a great deal more attention to the struggles facing songwriters in the online music era.

Coming in at #2 is Chicago duo, The Unswept. Check out their video for "Surf Song 89." Fun stuff. Sacramento's Mr. P Chill came across our radar in April. This old-school-rap-inspired Hip-Hop artist shoots straight, addressing even more practical, real issues than the mainstream Conscious Hip-Hop movement. Our review of his album Persistence sits at #3.

We posted Amanda Shires' "Sloe Gin" video almost two years ago, as we ramped-up promotion for the inaugural Viva Big Bend music festival. To this day, folks actively find this video on our site, earning it the #4 spot. Since then, Amanda's marriage to Jason Isbell has gotten a good deal of publicity but it's still her voice and songwriting that bring fans to her shows.

Rice Moorehead and His Ladies's debuted "Wonderful" at a benefit for The Dicks' frontman, Gary Floyd. The audience-member-shot video taken during the Austin Corn Lovers Fiesta ("the other ACL") is #5.

In April, Coyote Music announced our website redesign. This month has brought many good things, due in large part to our fancy new digs. Our site's re-launch turned enough heads to give the story the #6 position.

Austin's Fight For Air Climb is #7. This fundraiser for the American Lung Association attracted hundreds of competitors who ran up 31 floors of the Frost Bank Tower in downtown Austin. For entertainment during the event, Heather Bishop, Carrie Ann Carroll, and JDub performed scaled-down acoustic sets.

Amping things up a bit, our Hole In The Wall show with Dead Love Club, Scorpio Rising, and The Baffles earned #8 honors, while YouTube sensations Jayesslee's cover of "Gangnam Style" reached the #9 spot. Dallas' vocal gem Paco Estrada's wedding-set video for "When We Were Made" rounds out our Top 10.

Thanks as always for watching, listening to, and reading about the bands promoted on Coyote Music!

Posted on 4/30/14