Top 10 of January 2015

The Top 10 most visited pages on in January 2015!

TWENTY YEARS! Coyote Music has been doing its thing since 1995. And in this 20th year we will be vigilant about bringing well-deserved attention to the artists, reviews, videos, and articles that attract visitors to our site. In the first month of our twentieth year, there are some familiar faces in our Top 10 along with a few brand new entries.

1. "I Can't Wait (Be My Wife) - Lyric Video" by Ben Rue - Ben's lyric video now has over 160,000 views on YouTube and continues to bring eyes and ears to Coyote Music.

2. "Live at Blue Rock Studios (Wimberley Texas)" by Steve Forbert - Steve performed at the beautiful Blue Rock recording complex in Wimberley, Texas in late 2007. The show was stunning and our review seems to get as much, if not more, readership than it did when originally posted eight years ago.

3. I Respect Music :: Marisa Tomei, Aerosmith's Joe Perry, Canadian Music Week & More - Blake Morgan's letter to Pandora Founder Tim Westergren started a long overdue shit-storm with regard to the meager artist royalties Pandora pays the very artists who provide its content.

4. "Sloe Gin" by Amanda Shires - beautiful voice + haunting song + Amanda Shires in the nude = many Top 10 appearances

5. "Trialz, Tribulationz, & Testimony" by Mr. Fudge - Austin rapper Mr. Fudge brings together faith, Hip-Hop, and a soulful hook with his own musical testimony.

6. "Speakers" by OnPlanetZu - I can't keep this to myself: my sons LOVE this video. It's gotten them to climb on top of my car and pretend to shoot me with nerf darts. They're generally pretty quiet guys, so you can imagine the energy OnPlanetZu brings to this Hip-Hop-meets-dubstep rocker.

Stay tuned for more on
L.A.'s The Crazy Never Die

7. Ken Kushnick - Ken was Stephen Bruton's manager and the force behind the Road to Austin concert and film. Great guy, too.

8. Artist Tweets - We've always made the tweets of the artists on our site as visible as possible. Apparently, people have noticed. You'll find the link below, in our website's footer.

9. "Persistence" by Mr. P Chill - This Sacremento rapper tours relentlessly...persistently, you might even say. His dedication to spreading his sound across the country brings with it a higher profile for Mr. P Chill on every site he's on. Guy's been at it for as long as we have.

10. The Crazy Never Die - You're about to hear a lot from us about this L.A. band. For the time being, just know that their artist page has been attracting steady traffic since the day we added them to our site, in October 2014.

Posted on 2/3/15