Top 10 of July 2015

The Top 10 most visited pages on in July 2015!

1. SouthXSouthMost (SXSM) Day 2 w/Piñata Protest, FEA, Tele Novella, DeZorah, Fantástico, & more at BAM (Brownsville, TX) on 7/27/15 - Our favorite new venue, BAM, in Brownsville, Texas hosted one hell of a party last weekend...almost a who's who of San Antonio's rock scene, along with a whole lotta others.

2. Heyoka Returns to the Stage with Special Guests Remanon and Cathouse - 40 years in the making: Heyoka's return to the stage. We couldn't wait to post this Press Release, and the show itself exceeded everyone's sky high expectations.

3. "Sloe Gin" by Amanda Shires - Amanda's video is in this Top 10 every month. Check it out and see why.

4. I Respect Music :: Marisa Tomei, Aerosmith's Joe Perry, Canadian Music Week & More - Blake Morgan's "I Respect Music" movement gains strength every month, so new folks seem to get exposed to this article every day.

5. Heyoka, Remanon, and Cathouse at The Aztec Theatre (San Antonio, TX) on 7/18/15 - This. Show. Kicked. Ass.

6. Chasca's New EP "Barbarians" Released 6/30/15 - CHASCA!!! The new EP is better than the first. And that's saying something.

7. Scrappy Jud Newcomb - Interestingly, Scrappy Jud's never had much of a web presence. Folks contact us all the time looking for him, 'cause it seems Coyote Music's the most personable site that has him on it. Or something like that.

8. Wiley Koepp - People are looking at my page. Creepy. Stalkers!!!

9. "Touch" by Josh Abbott Band - As long as there are families and war, and the former continues to be impacted by the latter, this powerful video will be relevant. Josh's songwriting and the catchy vocal harmonies don't hurt, either.

10. "False Summit" by Another De Sade - RAWK lives in Austin and its name is Another De Sade.

Posted on 8/1/15