Top 10 of June 2014

The Top 10 most visited pages on in June 2014!

1. "Girl In A Coma Singer Nina Diaz Finds Herself through a New Solo Project and Residency in Austin" - Our interview with Nina Diaz not only took Coyote Music's #1 spot for June of 2014, it was the most popular thing we've ever put online! Girl In A Coma fans and those interested in Nina's solo project read this article at rates never before seen on

2. "I Can't Wait (Be My Wife)" by Ben Rue - This lyric video for Ben's song comes in at #2 for the second consecutive week. We'll be posting the official video soon, so expect that to factor into next month's Top 10.

3. "An Interview with Croatian Bassist, Luka Veselinovic" - Down two from #1 last month, our interview with Luka Veselinovic continues to attract readers.

4. "An Interview with Prolegend Movement Artist, Lank Dizzim" - Our April 2013 visit with Jacksonville, Florida Hip-Hop artist Lank Dizzim got a bit of a bump...over a year after we posted it!

5. Persistence by Mr. P Chill - We reviewed the latest album by longtime Sacramento Hip-Hop artist, Mr. P Chill. And as he gets ready to go out on the road (tour starts on July 7th), it looks like fans around the country are checking out our take on his record.

6. "Live at The Belmont (Austin, TX)" by Nina Diaz - Our review of Nina's first solo show at The Belmont drew a lot of eager readers. Stay tuned, there may just be a review of another one of those residency shows coming soon...

7. "Unkle Bob’s Embers Signals the Return of the Band to Fans Worldwide" - We came across a great indie band from the UK called Unkle Bob. They're really impressive. They had a song featured in an episode of Grey's Anatomy but their songs cut much deeper than that.

8. Embers by Unkle Bob - Ever heard of Unkle Bob? Maybe from about 10 seconds ago? We reviewed their album Embers and thought it was beautiful.

9. Scorpio Rising @ Pecan Street Festival (Austin, TX) - Not exactly sure why this year-old gig attracted so many people, except that they may have been looking for information on this year's Pecan Street Festival and got lost.

10. "Tonight It Ends" by Johnny Hi-Fi - The brand new video by the now Los Angeles based Johnny Hi-Fi. If you've ever broken up with someone, you might be able to identify with this one.

Posted on 6/30/14