Vocalist and Songwriter Angel Heart Aims to Empower and Offer Hope to Listeners Through Her Personal Lyrical Stories

An abuse survivor, Angel Heart has since thrived in her medical career but also takes great joy in rediscovering the songs she wrote in her youth. Now she's sharing them with the world through her TikTok and music releases.

Coyote Music: "Angel Heart" - how did you come about choosing that as your artist name?

Angel Heart: That is a very good question! When I began singing as a child, my uncle, who was a father to me, always told me that I had the voice of an angel and to never stop singing. He called me "Baby Angel". And I write all my songs based on my own personal (and sometimes that of my clients') life experiences - i.e. from my heart, and I sing them with all my heart. Hence, my name "Angel Heart" is an amalgamation of the two!

CM: Looking over your TikTok, there are many, many cover songs that you perform but it looks like you just began recording original music in 2023. Can you talk about the transition or artistic growth that has happened that has inspired you to create original music?

AH: I'm very honoured that you checked out my TikTok channel! Thank you :) I have always been writing my own original music, ever since I was in high school. However, because of my hectic profession as a doctor, I never had the opportunity to pursue music as a career until I started my TikTok channel, thanks to a close friend who encouraged me to follow my passion in singing. It was then that I was noticed by my current producer, who offered me the amazing opportunity to work with him and actually perform my own original music. At first I thought my friends had played a joke on me when I was contacted by my producer! And when I discovered he was actually serious, I was lost for words (in a positive way!). Ever since then, I pulled out all the songs that I had written over the years (that I had thankfully saved on my computer) and began turning them into my own original masterpieces, with the help of my awesome producer and team :)

CM: You mention surviving abuse in many of your video captions. First, I'm sorry you've had to endure that. But for the sake of readers on this platform, do you have any advice for those maybe in a tough situation who are trying to get into a better situation?

AH: Thank you for your kind words and I don't mind talking about my past as a survivor of abuse at all, especially if it would help empower others.

Yes, my advice is: Never give up - there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it just takes longer to see the light, but it's there. And never be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Sometimes we may reach out and not get the help we need and feel dejected and discouraged but that just means we are looking in the wrong places. So look at other avenues. Keep going forward and take 1 hour at a time (some say take 1 day at a time but when you're feeling down and depressed, 1 day is too much!). Most importantly, be kind to yourself! :)

CM: Particularly via TikTok, your videos are reaching thousands of people. What are you hoping to achieve through your video creation--both your cover songs and now your original music?

AH: My goal was (and still is!) to let people know that they are not alone (even though they feel that way), that it is possible to walk through hell and still come out the other side alive and stronger (even with a couple of scars!), more resilient. I want to touch people with my music, and to provide them with a safe space in which to feel positive and empowered.

CM: Have you performed live so far in your career, or is it something you hope to do in the future?

AH: I have performed live when I was part of a band (many moons ago!), however, we only sang cover songs. I did have the opportunity to perform live for some friends for their celebratory occasions (weddings, birthdays etc.) singing both cover and some of my original songs. However, performing live singing only my original songs is something I definitely hope to do in the future! I would cherish the opportunity and be very honoured to be performing in a live audience who was there because of me and because they love my music!

CM: Your latest song, "Polka Dot Socks." What can you tell us about the inspiration for that song?

AH: My inspiration for "Polka Dot Socks" was my uncle, a very special man who was both father and mother to me. I always wanted to do something special for him as a tribute to him and everything he did for me, especially the unconditional love he had for me. My uncle raised me after my biological parents abused and abandoned me. He played a pivotal role in my life and is the reason I am the successful, resilient woman I am today.

On our first outing together to a cinema, when I was about 4 years old, we were walking hand-in-hand past a row of shops when my uncle asked me if I wanted him to buy me anything. It was there I noticed a pair of polka dot socks and became fixated on them, wanting nothing else. My uncle laughed and bought me the pair of socks, teasing that at least my feet would not get cold in the air-conditioned cinema. I cherished that pair of polka dot socks and always wanted to wear them (even to school!) because it always reminded me of my uncle and the special bond we shared.

Sadly, my uncle tragically passed away when I was in my early twenties. However, his memory (and he), will always live on in my heart. I always look back at the special memories and times we shared and vowed that I would one day honour the special man who never gave up on me, who showered me with Barbie dolls, polka dot socks (:)), and unconditional love, and was the first person in my life who encouraged me to sing my heart out. "You have the voice of an angel," he always said, "so never stop singing!"

CM: I loved your cover of Freddy Fender's "Before the Next Teardrop Falls." Did you just like the song or do you have a more personal connection with it?

AH: Thank you! I'm very honoured that you took the time to listen to my singing on TikTok! :) I absolutely LOVE "Before The Next Teardrop Falls"! I have to admit that I love oldies and songs that touch my heart, resonate with me and have meaning that I can relate to. So in answer to your question, it's both!

CM: Can you talk about some of your current musical goals? (performing live, releasing more music, collaborating with any particular artists, etc.)

AH: Sure! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my goals :)

Firstly, I would love to have the opportunity to perform live internationally amongst audiences who value me as an artist and who love my original music. Secondly, I would like to be able to be signed on by a large recording label who would fund my music, although to be honest there are pros and cons to this. I love the team I have working with me right now, especially my producer, so I'm not sure how I would go! Thirdly, I have many favourite artists I would love to collaborate with (for example: Ed Sheerin, Garth Brooks, Tricia Yearwood, Westlife... the list is endless!!!) and I hope that one day I will be given that opportunity. And last but not least, I will definitely be releasing more music so please stay tuned! I'm currently working on my 8th song (and I still have about 20 more to go!!! ;))

CM: What would you like to convey to readers that we may not yet have touched on?

AH: You are pretty thorough and I think you have covered a LOT :) Thank you for your time!

I would like to let readers / listeners know that whenever you listen to Angel Heart's music / songs, you can always expect to feel touched, empowered, and have the knowledge that my music is authentic, soulful and heartfelt. And I value feedback so if anyone has any that they would like to share, please don't hesitate to post your feedback or comments (decent ones, that is!) :)

CM: And where should people go to learn more about you? Is Spotify best, or TikTok, Instagram, etc?

AH: I have several social media platforms that I use and people can visit any of them and leave comments or contact me there:

YouTube: @AngelHeart-te5eb | TikTok: @angelheart4freedom | Instagram: @angelheart0023

Posted on 6/12/24