William Mace's "Marella" Takes You on a Journey with Gnomes William and Marella Through the Realm of Volaire

Wizards, elfs, spiders, and androids abound in this tale of time travel, magical spells, and the development of far away civilizations

"Marella" was originally published on October 18, 2014 but through fate, trials and tribulations of friendships formed and fallen apart, author William Mace (aka Razortick) brings his tale to life again in 2023. It's an autobiography of sorts, available for Kindle on Amazon, telling a tale of the sort not usually associated with modern autobiographies--what with its timeline spanning 100,000 years and the presence of wizards and gnomes in an alternate realm. But its plot is genuine, from the heart and soul of an author who sticks by every word.

I get confused by past life information, I feel at times like it's real, then other times that I'm a new soul

Mace also publishes posts near-daily on his blog razortick.blogspot.com, which provide a different sort of instrospection into his persona. Those posts are different, though, not following the storyline told in "Marella" but nonetheless are components of a life felt to have spanned reincarnations, messages from Bach, and a friendship with Hitler reborn.

Razortick and Mace seem to ebb and flow from one to the other but Razortick is certainly indeed a projekt of Mace's--industrial/gothic music borne from the mind and ingenuity of a self-trained composer. Mace has even received praise for his Razortick compositions from a person claiming to be Johann Sebastian Bach. 

I never promoted "Marella" until now. It's been read by few people so it's still relatively fresh for world to find as a story that I believe has some truths to it.

But back to Marella--the person, not the book. Who even is Marella? 

Reading Razortick's blog you'll discover many answers: porn star Jenna Jameson was Marella, and cheated on Mace to save their lives from men out to kill her, and then him. Marella was also called Sarah Anderson. There is also Marella Inari and Marella as trees. Mace and Marella Inari have also lived as wolves, lions and ants. The levels are many, fascinating, and run very deep. The story told is one of wonder, of emotional trauma, adventure, the elation of soulmate-level love, and the crushing eventual loss thereof.

What the reader gets from "Marella" the book is a look into the psyche of William Mace, a high school dropout who's previously suffered a schizophrenic episode. He's been housed in a mental institution and has lived on social security disability income at times. Through a life of challenge, turmoil, inner struggle and innovation, William Mace has created, embodied, seen, and lived lives (plural) with numerous characters. In "Marella" the reader gets to meet some of them and travel through space and time and alternate universes to learn more about what makes William Mace who he (and Razortick) are and why their journey is of importance.

Most of the first chapter of "Marella" is available on Amazon. You can find it as well as purchase the entire book for Kindle at amazon.com/Marella-William-Mace-ebook/dp/B00OORTYPW.

Posted on 6/5/23