"Live at Momo’s (Austin, TX)"

Johnny Hi-Fi had not performed in their hometown in more than five years. When they did return to play Momo's in Austin, Texas, the band filled the venue with a combination of familiar melodies and new material that fans soaked up eagerly. After opening…

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"Scam Artist"

As it follows so closely on the heels of their full length release 30, it's no surprise that Scam Artist features songs that sound as if they could have been recorded during the same sessions. Johnny Hi-Fi continues to show tremendous…

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"A Year To Live"

When listening to this EP, one can't help but focus on the vocals. Ai sings in a clear, expressive voice that works very well with her honest, unpretentious lyrics and mature musical style. Her ability to convey subtle emotion with her voice is most evident…

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Live at Piano’s (New York, NY)
"Live at Piano’s (New York, NY)"

Something disturbing happened to rock 'n' roll toward the end of the last century: beer and liquor bottles were replaced on stages worldwide with bottled water. Bananafish Zero breathes life back into rock music every time they take the stage because…

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Noises from the Cathouse
"Noises from the Cathouse"

The latest inception of Tygers of Pan Tang, originally formed in the late 70's, has made a straightforward metal album that could have just as easily been released 15 or 20 years ago.

This is not a tongue-in-cheek, modern take on hair metal, a…

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"4-Song Demo"

Listening to these demos by Young Mike Brick and the Music-grinders should compel you to see them perform live. Although this disc was recorded live, poor sound detracts from the rootsy charm of these songs. This is music that deserves to be heard loud…

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Volcano, I’m Still Excited!!
"Volcano, I’m Still Excited!!"

Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! are impossible to pigeonhole with pat comparisons to other bands or even generalized styles of music, and that's exactly what makes their eponymous CD so much fun. It's as if they threw small bits of various influences into…

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Discs like 30 are very few and far between. The kind that upon first listen leave you in a state, from start to finish, that can only be summed up with a breathless "Wow."

This collection of songs is many things: A welcome reminder of…

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Live at The Triad (New York, NY)
"Live at The Triad (New York, NY)"

Combining Broadway bravado with traditional singer/songwriter personality, Vicki Levy took to The Triad's stage last Saturday night and shined, quite literally in her sparkling Franko Nicolella dress.

Vicki opened her semi-autobiographical musical,…

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"The Young Machines"

Bereft of alternate descriptors, The Young Machines brings about a heartfelt "Goddamn!" Blasphemy, brought forth solely by admiration of how lyrics can consistently hit emotional nails square on the head. Her Space Holiday founder Marc Bianchi…

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Lesson 1
"Lesson 1"

Lesson 1 began as a demo project that grew into a debut release for Penn grad-turned-burgeoning rock star Maggie Kim. Maggie wrote and produced her 5-song EP with Eve's Plum/Ruth Ruth guitarist Michael Kotch, beginning with rough guitar &…

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"Carbon Copy"

"A bass player away from being the greatest band on the road" came to my mind after my first Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! show. But with an EP to deliberate over and some time to soak it all in, these guys do just fine despite the low frequency absence.…

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"It’s My Turn, Now"

Every band is "from" somewhere but the point of origin often provides little insight into a group's sound. Exceptions to this idea might be acoustic guitarists in the Mississippi Delta around 1925 and Seattle rock acts in the early 1990's. Asbury Park,…

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In an age where Top 40 female performers often rely on a team of super-producers' post-production magic, voice pitch shifters and surgically enhanced beauty to attain success it is refreshing to find a woman whose music and presence are all natural. Glenys…

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"Don’t Set Yourself Up (EP)"

A few years ago Johnny Hi-Fi arrived in New York City, catalog of introspective songs decorated with bright pop hooks in-hand, seemingly destined to become the Radiohead of the boy band generation (read: wildly successful pop group who've managed to retain…

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"The Turning Point"

When SW's first album, The Road to Here, sold out its first pressing fans asked for more-more copies of the CD and more songs to go with her first nine. Answering their call, The Turning Point is much more: twelve songs recorded over…

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"Demo I"

Released: 1997
Best track: probably "Breathless"
Track to skip: "Blue"
Rating: 69 out of 100

Megalo was a band who existed for quite a few years in and around…

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"The Road to Here"

She didn’t mean for it to begin so quickly. After moving from California to New York City in hopes of developing her career as a singer/songwriter/pianist, SW booked studio time intent on recording a few songs for a demo. Surprisingly, nine songs later,…

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"Last Year’s Boy"

Released: 2002
Best tracks: "She Waits By the Sea," "It Turns Me On" & "Last Romantic" are all incredible things…too hard to choose
Track to skip: Resurrection Street is too cheesy for…

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Recorded: 1999
Best track: "Figure 8"
Track to skip: the version of "Give Your Love to Me" on here isn’t that hot, but Bryan does a nice guitar solo that is worth hearing

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"90% Live"

Released: 1997
Best track: "Don’t Let Me Be Alone Tonight"
Track to skip: none
Rating: 91 out of 100

Hmm, am I on this thing? Supposedly I’m somewhere…

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echo juliet
"echo juliet"

Released: 1997
Best track: "Sunshine," with "Bill" right behind it
Track to skip: none!
Rating: 84 out of 100

Oh what a wonderful change! 2 years after our…

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"Killing Zoë"

Recorded: 1994
Best track: probably "Zoë"
Tracks to skip: most of it
Rating: 67 out of 100

D’oh! I just was playing what I thought was this demo, but it…

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