"Killing Zoë"

Recorded: 1994
Best track: probably "Zoë"
Tracks to skip: most of it
Rating: 67 out of 100

D’oh! I just was playing what I thought was this demo, but it…

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Malice Alice
"Malice Alice"

A decade or so ago heavy metal was everywhere - MTV seemingly looped "Home Sweet Home" and the latest Skid Row band/audience scuffle footage. More recently, after dropping off the entertainment radar, we again find these stars adrift in the mainstream.…

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While listening to Hank Madison's aptly titled Demonstration (it's a 3-song demo), I ask myself "Do you remember King's X?" If you¹re envisioning only a quasi-one-hit wonder fronted by a guy with a mohawk, you're not getting the point. Hank…

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Pulse is an instrumental trip (with the exception of a few vocal improvisations) that artfully weaves its rhythms and melodies through a fusion of funk, R&B, and jazz. LT's debut album exists somewhere between Meshell N'degeocello and Prince (when…

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