Armed and Dangerous

by Many Are Connected

Track listing: Armed and Dangerous (single)

The EDM group Many Are Connected (M.A.C.) have recently released their single “Armed and Dangerous” off their full album titled Dream, which drops on May 25. The Marysville, Washington collective offers the song with a Dubstep remix and instrumental remix. The sound provides you with a little taste of Dubstep, Trap, Trance, and Hardcore beats.

The production is full and aggressive, yet the vocal track seems a bit underproduced compared to the rest of the record, lacking some compression and reverb that might integrate the vocal into the instrumental tracks more seamlessly. And though generally autotune is decried and slammed throughout the music industry, it would help MAC's vocal better fit the electronic vibe of the rest of their tracks.

Keep an eye out for the rest of MAC's tracks, available later this month!

Posted on 5/21/13