Bicycle Thieves EP

Track listing: Victim of Love, Don't You Cry, Charlies Never Home, The Things That You Do

Four songs. An EP. A mysteriously anonymous band who will have music included to the upcoming film release, Marsupials. Produced by Maximumm Music and Media, let's take a look inside each track.

"Victim of Love" is a powerfully written, plaintive track addressing the sadness and isolation of domestic abuse survivors. Set to a solemn melody, building into an upbeat chorus, the vocals dance over the music. Singer Ren Prior-White brings her sweet tinge to an otherwise understandably melancholy production.

The heartwarming "Don't You Cry" is a parent-child anthem of sorts. Lighthearted and encouraging, Bicycle Thieves have put together a fun piece here, harkening to the danceable lilt of something akin to Queen's "You're My Best Friend."

Sophia Ann Meily brings her voice to Bicycle Thieves' "Charlies Never Home." A pretty straightforward pop track, the lyrics explore the longing feelings of separation many parents feel in the absence of their child.

The EP wraps up with "The Things That You Do." Jangly guitar and a solo vocal create a chilling setting for a story of karma and choices. Danceable backbeats merely serve a morose tale of loss and misfortune.

Posted on 4/2/23