Blunt In The Trunk (Single)

by AUH2O

Track listing: Blunt In The Trunk

Look out for AUH2O's Iron City Chop Shop to drop on April 12, 2023. The album is an exploration into modern phonk blended with Hip-Hop and is the creation of one Louis Goldwater. For Goldwater, AUH2O is a bit of an art project bringing together elements of visual style and multiple music genres.

The visual component of the album's first single "Blunt In The Trunk" is its mesmerizing video. Really, what the hell is even happening here? It's phenomenal! AI is still breaking through into the mainstream but AUH20 fully embodies it. Concept cars. Aliens. Mushroom-induced and composed realms. Astronauts. The constant delving into new dimensions, wrapped up with an Old West bar scene has to be seen to be believed.

Perhaps the Wild West nod is an homage to AUH20's next video for the song "Jesse James" set for release on April 20th. Following the trend of prequels-over-sequels, "Jesse James" is a precursor to "Blunt In The Trunk." Stay tuned...

Sonically, "Blunt In The Trunk" presents with a processed female rap vocal, absolute soul-shaking 808 bass, and a mystical ethereal backing track. Turn it up with caution. 

Taken as a whole, AUH20 represents a bit of an alter ego for Goldwater. Exploratory, yes, but also diving headlong into musical and visual artistry aimed at the masses. AI + phonk music + animation = something you haven't seen...until now. 

Listen. Watch. Soak it in. New concepts always receive warm and cold initial responses. But decide for yourself: what is this that you're hearing and viewing? And mark your calendars now for the full album's release, as well as future AUH20 creations. Find AUH20 on Spotify and YouTube Music.

Posted on 4/5/23