by Richard Murray

Track listing: Ease On, Out On the Rolling, Ghost in the Machine, Long Distance Baby, On Carey Street, I knew You’d Understand, Diamond and Pride, Rag and Bone, It Ain’t Evil to Feel Alright, A Little Crazy, A Human Race, For the Miles

Richard Murray's solo debut album Desert Wind was released in 2007 to an appreciative and enthusiastic response from his fans. Fast-forward to 2013 and the Irish singer has done it again! His new album Borealis is set for a May 6th release and continues to deliver his signature sound, incorporating acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and harmonica. Genre-wise Borealis is best described as a melding of Alternative Country and Folk with a heavy dose of good ol’ Americana.

The opening track, “Ease On,” starts off with some light guitar 'shredding' and a little drum roll that hints of hardcore/rock, but quickly morphs back into a more appropriate feel. Almost oddly, Murray's vocals evoke the sounds of Lucero's Ben Nichols, in their crackling, raspy, punk rock feel. But as opposed to some gruffness, most of Murray's lyrics are gracefully written and convey vivid imagery, allowing the listener to clearly experience the stories he tells.

On Desert Wind, Murray displayed his brilliant musical skills with his impressive vocal, compelling melodies, creative instrumentation, and carefree lyrics. Similarly, if you liked Desert Wind or are an Alt Country or folk fan, then you are in good hands with Borealis. After the first few songs you'll wish you were enjoying a nice cold brew as you listen along. So do yourself the favor and have one at the ready when you press Play.

Posted on 5/9/13