by Thomas Jackson

Track listing: Way Back When, Fay, My New Couch, Bridgeburner, One Trick Pony, Don’t Be So Sad, 78RPM Blues, Bang!, How I Won The War, Sara Beth Blues

Northeast Mississippi native Thomas Jackson is steeped in the rich cultural heritage of his home state—playing a traditional and humbling brand of country music. His latest effort entitled Bridgeburner, is a collection of country-folk songs that tell the tales of Jackson’s life as a storyteller and performer.

Recorded at the legendary Studio In The Country in Bogalus, LA—which has housed recordings from cultfolk, mega-stars Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros to shock-rocker Marilyn Manson to Austin’s own country music star Willie Nelson. The studio sessions for the album helped paint the backdrop and touch the soul of Jackson—as anyone can imagine the production quality on this record is top notch.

Jackson has something to offer for every country music fan on this record, lyrically he vividly paints the picture of his past experiences—staying true to the roots of country. The title track is a story of a man downtrodden by a seemingly careless female individual, the Bridgeburner.

The third track on the album entitled “My New Couch” gives the listener an upbeat and likable tune with some smooth guitar licks and playful lyrics of a situation of adultery. The song is topped off with a Boss-type guitar solo and the repetition of the hook:

Don't come unless you plan to stay all night,
Don't come unless you plan to get it right.

It's the type of song that’ll make a cougar with a buzz dance the night away!

From his catchy vocal arrays on songs like “One Trick Pony” and the fiddle driven “Bang!” to the straight up country-western sound on the track “Don’t Be Sad,” Thomas Jackson provides the listener a truly euphonic array of songs. So dust off your finest boots, have a few beers and find the prettiest little lady in the bar because you're gonna want to dance!

Posted on 5/6/13