Bullshit Artist (Single)

by Friday Dies

Track listing: Bullshit Artist

Colgate-based metal outfit Friday Dies has a new 12-song album The Sky is the Ocean scheduled for an August 2024 release. But until then, we dive into one of their older tracks "Bullshit Artist" off their Return of the Witch record. One thing's for sure, and that's that "Bullshit Artist" doesn't fuck around.

Take away your freedom, take away the right to choose, this is no one's life but the life that you owe

Dive into the "Bullshit Artist" lyric video when you have a moment. But in anticipation of watching or hearing it, let's get you ready. This song punches you in the face from the get-go. There's a rawness to the sound that evokes memories of early Metallica or some S.O.D. (with fancier guitar leads). 

The drums have a looseness about them that channels bits of Jimi Hendrix's skin-pounder Mitch Mitchell, if we were to join a thrash band. The guitar solo smokes, as well--very Kirk Hammett, melodically speaking. But it's the riffs that really make the song, right? And "Bullshit Artist" absolutely brutalizes when it comes to the onslaught of brutal riffage.

Posted on 5/16/24