Children of the New Revolution

by Zero Inn

Track listing: Injector, Children of the New Revolution, Better Tomorrow, Highway Lights, Why Do You Run?, Unconscious Thought, The Night Caller, Wake of Destruction, Piano Tuner's Grave, Ride the Night Again, Us, Salvation for Lost Souls

Children of the New Revolution, the new album by Queensland's Zero Inn, is a fuel-injected melodic punk experience that shoots itself from a distortion-laden cannon and lands somewhere in a field filled with hard rock, metal, and punk. The opening track, "Injector," attacks with sharp riffs and leads, separating Zero Inn from other bands in a number of ways: the song (and album overall) is more complex than punk, more melodic than most hard rock, and angrier than most poppy punk.

Still, Zero Inn works catchy enough hooks into most every song. Fans can mosh like motherfuckers then, a split-second later, wax nostalgiac singing about those lonesome "Highway Lights." Children of the New Revolution might have just created its own sub-genre, giving the band's fans a true a heartfelt kick in the ass.

Posted on 8/1/13