by CitySpeak

Track listing: Mode D, Momentum, Interlude, Pris

Do you remember the 1982 film Blade Runner? You know, the film with Harrison Ford and Edward James Olmos—it took place in Los Angeles in the year 2019 with flying cars, organic robots, and mega structures. No? In a way, Jesse Mason creates that reality to life through his music.

New York’s Jesse Mason goes by the name “CitySpeak” who picked up a fascination for musical tones from early video games. He is quite similar to electronic bands like The Chemical Brothers, Neon Indian, M83, and Washed Out. When you listen to his songs you can garner futuristic and atmospheric like sounds that take you into a different world. Jesse produces unusual beats that oddly sounds like something off of a sci-fi film. Coincidence? Mason provides his audience with reverb effects, computerized sounds, mesmerizing synthesizers, and high energized drum loops throughout the album.

“Momentum” showcases his ability to produce a song that consists of slow repetition, but with a kick! The song starts in a slow, calming trance, which slowly increases in intensity while the synthesizers and drum supercollide with one another. By song's end, Mason degrades back from whence he came, ending the song soothingly. Trance-like. The entirety of CitySpeak travels across peaks and valleys like "Momentum," staying fresh and unique in their own right.

Posted on 6/11/13