Cold Drink

by Sybil

Track listing: All I Like, Showpalace, Everything, Reggae Grande, Another Night, Fight Song, Cold Drink, L.J.B.F., Jessi's Ass, Wind of Change

Sybil's debut album Cold Drink is full-frontal, non-apologetic rock 'n' roll. From the vocal harmonies of "All I Like" channeling a bit of King's X, to their ode to Austin's defunct all-nude Show Palace, Sybil's songs cater to a crowd who enjoy downing a few beers and leaving everything behind but a desire to rock. What listeners are rewarded with at Cold Drink's end, is an instrumentally spot-on cover of the Scorpions' "Wind of Change." The band recorded the 1990 hit for the award-winning indie film, In Search of a Midnight Kiss, on which Sybil's singer Robert Murphy served as Director of Photography.

Covering a 1990 power ballad is a stylistic departure from the rest of Cold Drink, but in doing so Murphy avoids any attempt to replicate Klaus Meine's uniquely shrill vocals, instead going with his own natural range and bluesy lilt. Murphy's voice is ideally suited for the band's originals, however, which lean toward the harder end of Austin-esque blues-influenced rock.

Something the band does not do is take themselves too seriously. While Sybil members' musicianship is solid (guitarist Gordon Kahan studied under some guy named Satriani) and the album's production is crisp and clean, songs like "Jessi's Ass" and the aforementioned "Showpalace" convey a light-hearted approach to the band's songwriting. "L.J.B.F.," a slow harmonica-laced blues track, pleads, "if we can't be lovers, we'll be the greatest of friends...with benefits, and lots of sex, and six kids."

Sybil manages their career by staying loose, their website capturing their vibe at its essence: "Sybil: A Band That Serves Up Majestic Trickery Followed By Ninja-Like Throat Strikes." However, the band carries themselves with a modicum of professionalism and achievement. In addition to the "Wind of Change" film soundtrack placement, both MTV's The Real World and another indie film, Sexless, have used Sybil's songs. And they travel wherever the gigs are—across Central Texas, from Manchaca to Austin's 6th Street, Georgetown to Lake Ray Hubbard, Sybil goes where the rock leads them. Perhaps you may enjoy a cold drink while listening to Sybil play songs from their album dedicated to your refreshing beverage.

Posted on 11/1/09