Consider Moon (Single)

by Oculo

Track listing: Consider Moon

Oculo's latest single for "Consider Moon" marks a collaboration with 645AR, an artist whose Spotify streams run in the tens of millions. This track, like many of Oculo's before, takes advantage of his original inspiration to write and record Hip-Hop in the first place: the simple idea of making music with his friends.

There's a silence in the world and it's louder than the sound, every atom borrowed is returned into the ground. Graveyards fill. Death is alchemy, people rush, be still.

"Consider Moon" was produced by Jkei x Malloy, who have laid out a spiritual-sounding beat, ethereal with a backbeat, flowing along steadily but staying outta the way, allowing Oculo's lyrics to remain the focal point. 

From our July 6, 2024 interview with Oculo, he talks about the origin of "Consider Moon" being "inspired by a week I spent in Vancouver with a girl I met at Burning Man. She was an art student and one of her favorite professors gave them an assignment to 'Consider moon, let moon consider you, bring moon to class.'"

Oculo also took the reins of the album art, experimenting with digital art across his more recent releases. And if you pay attention, you may notice there's a storyline connecting his singles as he leads up to the release of his forthcoming studio album.

Compared to mainstream Pop and Hip-Hop, you can hear some similarity to some Post Malone and The Weeknd across Oculo's discography...but only as a general aura. When you dig deeper into Oculo's rhymes, you find they're much deeper than the mainstream. Introspection. Nature. Humanity. It's not like he's teaching history lessons through his songs a la Nas, but it's encouraging to see a level of mature thought and emotion in songs that could fit in playlists right alongside today's more widely popular artists.

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Posted on 7/8/24