by Chuck Inglish

Track listing: Elevators (ft. Buddy & Polyvester the Saint), Swervin (ft. Sir Michael Rocks & Polyvester the Saint), Legs (ft. Chromeo), Came Thru/Easily (ft. Mac Miller & Ab-Soul), Attitude (ft. BJ the Chicago Kid), Mas O Menos, Money Clip (ft. Vic Mensa, Retch, Hassani Kwess, Sulaiman), Prism (ft. Jade Hurtado), Game Time (ft. Action Bronson), Hurt You Back (ft. Benny Cassette), Dreamy, Glam (ft. Chance the Rapper)

With Convertibles, Chuck Inglish drops an album custom made for summertime. On a beautiful day, driving around with your windows down, you've gotta have something fresh coming from your speakers. Enter: Convertibles.

Whereas Chuck's duo with Sir Michael Rocks, The Cool Kids, embodied their Chicago and Detroit Hip-Hop scene influence, Chuck's move to California is evident throughout Convertibles. "Elevators" and "Swervin'" kick off the album with 90s-era G-funk-flavored bass powering the groove. But the album is far from 13-tracks of recycled Gangsta Rap backing tracks.

"Legs" featuring Chromeo was released as an early single. Its smooth vocal harmonies, sparse arrangement, and tight drum-and-bass pocket lay a foundation somewhere between Pharrell and Nile Rogers.

Convertibles is littered with guest performers who bring to the table a wide assortment of skills, from Jade's colorful vocals to Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger shredding, both bringing life to "P.R.I.S.M." Culling the skills of Inglish and company into a coherent album, Einziger also took on the Executive Producer role.

Any way you slice it, Convertibles is a party album that will keep heads bobbin' from start to finish. As a solo artist, Chuck Inglish establishes himself as the engine under Convertibles's hood. But this car is pimped out lavishly from bumper to bumper.

Posted on 4/18/14