Track listing: Intro, Heartbeat, Pieces, Dream, Pay Me, Whipped

Devyn Rose's latest release, an EP entitled D.E.V.Y.N., brings together beauty, sex appeal, independence, and attitude and rolls them together into a complete representation of the artist herself.

The longtime aspiring singer caught the attention of multi-platinum producer Dame Grease, and later Ron Hunter, a former Lifestyle and Marketing Rep for KOCH Records. D.E.V.Y.N. benefits from those introductions, as well as her experiences working behind-the-scenes with artists including 3 6 Mafia, KORUPT, Mims, and others.

"Heartbeat " is a sparse, soft-grooving love song that features Devyn both singing and rhyming. It is followed by "Pieces," reminiscent of Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" in its breakdown verses, semi-rapping lyrics, the melodies, and the song's sing-song-y chorus.

D.E.V.Y.N. takes a decided turn with the final two tracks, "Pay Me" and "Whipped." "Pay Me" assertively drops F bombs at will...

I'm so amazing, I thought you'd know.
Fuck you, pay me. Act like you know.

The EP ends with "Whipped," which could just as easily be Rihanna's next single. "Whipped," as you might imagine, mocks a vaginally-trained man, set against grandiose production and another catchy sing-song chorus that I'm almost disappointed Prince hadn't written already. It's tastefully dirty, in The Artist's vein of songwriting.

With D.E.V.Y.N., Devyn Rose has a well-produced variety of songs to get out to the world. If her promotion continues on the high pace it's been on since the 11/2/12 release date, you may be seeing her name all over the place.

Posted on 11/15/12