Diamond In A Rock

by The Smith III

Track listing: Born to Shine, One Day at a Time, If That's the Way It Is, Speak Out, Missing You, Party, Press Restart, Won' Let You Break Me, Put a Stamp On It, Diamond In a Rock, Won't Let You Break Me (Reprise)

At first glance, The Smith III don’t look old enough to be musicians, let alone aspiring ones out to chase their dreams of making music full time. This family band made of up of siblings Jalyka age 11, Daylk age 9, and Alyk age 6, have potential despite their young ages, with their own brand of kid friendly music that tackles such subjects as bullying and living in a single parent home. Since both topics are relevant to the latest generation of kids, The Smith III will find a young fan base who can relate to their message without the need for pushing the envelope like many adult artists today.

Born in West Palm Beach, Florida, oldest Smith sibling Jalyka showed a love of performing not only in music but in acting and modeling as well. Believing that their daughter did not have a future in performing, her parents wanted to steer her toward a focus on her education. However, their daughter’s persistence paid off, and eventually her parents supported her ambitions. A short time later her younger brothers Daylk and Alyk followed suit in convincing their parents that they wanted to pursue their dream of playing music.

Their latest single “Put A Stamp On It” from their debut album Diamond in a Rock has an R&B sound that speaks about going after the things you want—if you want something you “should put a stamp on it” in order to ensure success. A nice homage to Beyoncé's marital-oriented anthem.

While the group has a ways to go toward musical maturity, their effort in making sure their passion shines through is notable when listening to their new record. “Won’t Let You Break Me," a song about eradicating bullying, shows Jalyk's ability to carry a tune. And her voice will only get better with maturity and experience.

While it is clear that The Smith III love music, the road to success may not be an easy one given their present ages. With the passage of time, practice, and dedication to their love of music and performing, the Smith III will position themselves to have a chance at success.

Posted on 6/25/13