dream of wings

by Azakaela

Track listing: across the great divide, strike a light, dream of wings, see me when you're dreamin'

Azakaela's dream of wings EP is a metaphorical journey about her real life journey of self-discovery and truth. You can dive into bits and pieces of that trek in our June 11, 2024 interview with Azakaela. Hers is, among other things, one of finding and unveiling the trans woman inside who'd been trying to find her way out into every day life. And while not everyone follows this path, we all do absolutely regularly find ourselves on mental, emotional, and physical voyages of our own. What's so special about dream of wings is that it's essentially a written roadmap through Azakaela's obstacle course of challenges and emotional hurdles along the way to her own personal destination.

The Secret Self is the truest version of yourself. They are within and without. They are your connection to the Divine. Ask your Secret Self to reveal itself to you. Dream of Wings.

Discovery aside, the EP is also simply a collection of 4 songs. And getting too caught up in the personal revelations made through the lyrics does a disservice to the sonic aspects of dream of wings

This is a predominantly electronic album with vocals. But the production is a far cry from 8-bit beeps and bops. Azakaela (the producer) has forged a soundscape that is impressively full-bodied and lush. Play it on a system with a hefty subwoofer to fully appreciate the full sound spectrum.

Stylistically, the synth tones could fit right into Survive's soundtrack for Stranger Things. There's an uneasy anticipation to the chord structures, as if a big reveal or emotional jump scare lies right around the corner. The fear subsides with the additional of Azakaela's soothing voice, which adds an innocence with its Pop sensibility.

I personally feel that the purpose of music is to elicit and emotional response. Maybe 80s music gets you through a workout, or some Metalcore gets you pumped for a challenge that lies ahead. Or when you're in your feels, perhaps some instrumental New Age piano helps you get in touch with those emotions. To each their own. dream of wings elicits a number of raw emotions--a yearning, a hopefulness, empowerment, hell even some vulnerability. But it's that ability of the music to bring forth some visceral human emotion that makes this EP so special.

Azakaela's music hub is azakaela.bandcamp.com, where she's put out nearly 20 albums and a single or two. You owe it to your inner self to dive headlong into her music and see what you find...for yourself. Get in touch with your inner self. Discovery things you've maybe been holding back for years, and maybe haven't even realized it. Let Azakaela give your dreams wings of their own.

Posted on 6/19/24