Everyone & You

by InAshton

Track listing: It's Ok... It's Ok, Can't Stop Me Now, Waitin', I Just Can't Let Go, Forget Your Head, Days Away, Better Thank You Know Yourself, Difference Between Everyone & You, Convenient Memories, (Remember) It's Ok... It's Ok, This Might Be It, Another Drink

Everyone & You is the latest release by Bieler Bros. recording artist InAshton. The New York City based quartet plays a poppy-yet-driving brand of rock, which comes across entirely ready for radio. The band's singer and primary songwriter, Morgan Clamp, also produced Everyone & You, giving the songs their mainstream pop/rock sound.

"Waiting," along with several others, is almost over the top with respect to its fan-friendly melodies and Top 40 sensibility, while "I Just Can't Let Go" channels a bit of Liam Gallagher, with its plaintive vocal and post-Beatles guitar arpeggios. The Oasis vibe exists sporadically throughout the album, in places like the string arrangement of "Days Away" and chord progression / vocal intro of "This Might Be It."

But beyond the comparisons, InAshton have a beautifully crafted album. Most any song on "Everyone & You" could be dropped into a Top 40 radio station's Top 10 Countdown and would fit in seamlessly, both from production and songwriting standpoints. If there's a contrary thought to be had about InAshton, it may be along the same lines as their strength—the band is so ready for the mainstream now, they may not be pushing the envelope hard enough to distinguish themselves from the masses.

Not yet having seen them live, one could envision InAshton fitting in nicely on a festival bill with Daughtry, David Cook, and Lifehouse, though Pandora suggests (erroneously, in my opinion) that Alkaline Trio is a "similar artist" (InAshton's music has little to no punk influence).

With Everyone & You, regardless of a fictitious show line-up or website algorithm, InAshton has a recording of which they can be proud. The songs can flow across playlists for all ages, and the album can stand on its own merits next to the biggest names in popular melodic rock today.

Posted on 12/10/12