Faces Got No Race

by Young Slay aka Mèt Piwèt

Track listing: Hello (T.O.B.I) feat. Ralph, In My Belly feat. Jonny Lyrks, Bad Bruh, Polygraph, Take You Away feat. Wayne, Faces Got No Race, Global Enslavement, Blood, Bad Genes, Professional, Misled & Miseducated, World Hates The Weak, When I die, Aftermath (Tribute to Haiti)

The rhymes on Young Slay's Faces Got No Race brilliantly tackle social and emotional issues and set them against singsong melodies and catchy hooks. Not since Arrested Development's "Tennessee" has a song done what "In My Belly (Feat. Jonny Lyrks)" does: laying painful realities, both historical and present-day, over an otherwise positive musical track and sing-a-long melody.

Originally from Haiti, Young Slay's Creole accent brings an international flavor to his music, which smartly blends his influences that cross genres across American rock, metal, classical, soul, and Hip-Hop.

Young Slay's strength lies in his rhyming—both in his lyrics and phrasing. His own words point out "if I were a better singer, I'd hold this note longer." For the melodic voice and some guest rapping, Faces Got No Race features several guests. Ralph, Jonny Lyrks, and Wayne lend their voices to the cause.

The album was written by Yveton Isnor, a BMI writer in Young Slay's hometown of Pompano Beach, Florida. Together, Isnor and Slay have found a magical musical niche. Faces Got No Race brings together rock, rap, and reggae in a radio-friendly sound ready for larger exposure.

Posted on 1/7/13