Fatback Circus

by Fatback Circus

Track listing: Angel-Ess, Dust Bowl Blues, Baby Don't Leave Me, Woman, Jesus Maria, Need You, Let It Go, The Guitar, 18th Floor, Back in Love, and Robe of Gold

Fatback Circus is a four-piece ensemble who resides in the city of Austin, Texas. Their style consists of a southern rock, folk-pop, and soft acoustic combination that’ll take you back into the good ol’ days! If you ever enjoyed bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Buddy Holly, and Richie Valens, then you will really take pleasure in Fatback Circus because they have a similar sound. For you modern aged kids and hipsters, they give off a Band of Horses meets Jose Gonzales and share a bill with Gogol Bordello vibe. Basically, they’re an old-school-meets-new-school type of band that gives listeners the best of both worlds.

In the song "Summertime is Boring," the mandolin chords playing in the beginning sound similar to something from Gogol Bordello. The guitar playing towards the end of Angel-Ess has the whole folk-punk feel to it. However, they flip the script with "Baby Don’t Leave Me," which has a more soft, acoustic style and "Let It Go" with its classic, southern rock feel. What connects all Fat Back Circus' songs together is Nathan Campbell's lead vocal—a phenomenal voice with a widely appealing tone and singing style.

As musically talented as Fatback Circus is, they also are capable of creating great music videos. Their videos for “Summertime is Boring” and “Brain Damage” were featured in the 2013 South By Southwest music video showcase. While their videos are viewable online, take it upon yourself to go see Fatback Circus live. Witness the magic with your own eyes.

Posted on 4/26/13