Favorite Enemy (Single)

by Avenue Army

Track listing: Favorite Enemy

"Favorite Enemy" is the brand new single dropped by Cleopatra Records' artist Avenue Army. With this release, the San Diego quartet adds to their impressive resume that has earned them touring slots with bands including Alien Ant Farm and The Ataris. 

The track hits you in the face from the get-go with a thick-as-hell wall of distorted guitar, building onto it with a killer Vaughn Esparza tubular, almost synth-ish guitar lead, before settling down into quieter-but-still-intense verse. It's here where Avenue Army's dual vocal talent steals the spotlight, belting out some gorgeous Staley/Cantrell-esque harmonies.

In "Favorite Enemy" you get these multiple elements: bits of AIC, a verse that seeps with 2000s alt/emo energy, and a full-bodied production as clean and modern as recent Machine Gun Kelly. Avenue Army is an energetic force to be reckoned with and "Favorite Enemy" is yet another weapon in the band's arsenal.

Keep up with Avenue Army's shows, latest releases and news at avenuearmy.ffm.to/links.

Posted on 3/15/23