Fighting Love (Single)

by Ly Vui

Track listing: Fighting Love

Ly Vui (pronounced /lee vooiy/) has spent time in Austin, then a few years in Los Angeles, and most recently has returned to Texas. Having settled back into life in the Live Music Capitol of the World, earlier this year she assembled a new band and is embarking on the next stage: playing the local club scene and recording an EP.

The band is called Ly and The Lucky Love and features drummer Evan Marczynski, Alex Boulos on keys, Chris Jarski on bass, vocalist Dinah O., Josh Paredes on lead guitar, and Ly herself handling lead vocals. They perform a blend of originals and covers and will be hitting stages around Austin soon.

Ly Vui’s latest re-release is "Fighting Love." It's a mellow groove, reminiscent of Austin's defining sound of the 80s and 90s...that all-to-recognizable blues/funk vibe popularized by Stevie Ray Vaughn.

"Fighting Love" captures the age-old conundrum in relationships: stay together or break up? Sure, no relationship is perfect and arguments are part of even the healthiest bonds. But there is the flipside. In the words of Steven Tyler, "Seems like we're making up more than we're making love." When is too much too much?

Ly takes the approach of Ross and Rachel, at least in the early seasons of Friends, where one person invariably wants to work through the drama because the whole of the relationship is worth more than winning one-off disagreements.

Ly & the Lucky Love
Ly & the Lucky Love

Musically, The Lucky Love hold their own. "Fighting Love" has a light groove ala Los Lonely Boys, adding to it a somewhat adorable lilt. Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis teamed up on "Cruisin'?" Yeah, that adorable.

Her next release as Ly and The Lucky Love will be a song called "What Love Is." The band is heading back into the studio soon to record its follow-up, "Don't Come Without Calling." Plans for whether that should be a single or on the EP are tbd.

What will be enjoyable to watch as 2022 moves forward and Ly & the Lucky Love finish their EP, is to see where the rest of the songs take us both sonically and emotionally. "Fighting Love" has a great slow groove. Will they pick up the tempos and show a little edge, or dive into the sweet sound they've put together in this initial track?

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Posted on 8/11/22